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Monday, April 15, 2013

The brainwashed mayor of Gerlingen Georg Brenner rejected a prize that the Hungarian government wanted to give him as part of the Swabian Ball.

The mayor believes that Hungary's policy has undergone major changes in recent weeks and he can't identify with those developments any more. The mayor informed the Hungarian consulate in Stuttgart, as well as Gerlingen's sister city, Tata about his decision.

The deluded mayor believes that Hungary violates the democratic principles of the European Union including "judicial independence" and "the freedom of the press". The mayor was shocked when learned that the new Hungarian Constitution puts major emphasis on the idea of the nation-state.

The head of the Hungarian Cultural Institute in Stuttgart László Ódon said it was ridiculous to worry about the lack of freedom and democracy in Hungary.

(Klubrádió - Stuttgarter Zeitung – –


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Global Governance and the New World Order Religion - The Role of the Baha'i.

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France’s Media Admits that the Syrian “Opposition” is Al Qaida. Then Justifies French Government Support to the Terrorists

MSNBC’s Krystal Ball Promotes Gay Marriage Politics by Shamelessly Exploiting Child

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Bilderberg comes to Watford The evidence

There is growing evidence that this year’s Bilderberg conference will take place in the UK, at the luxury Grove Hotel , Hertfordshire, just north of Watford. This is still just speculation, but the signs are good…

BBC Shoot Themselves in Foot Again Trying to Preserve Thatcher’s Thorny Legacy

Fed Orchestrated Smash In Gold Stocks of Physical Gold are Declining

The Fed’s Assault On Gold: “Short Selling” and the Rigging of the Gold Market

The Cruel Legacy of Margaret Thatcher: Public Enterprises Privatized, Jobs Lost, Social Services Cut and Communities Wrecked

Israel’s Monopoly over Water Distribution in the West Bank: Supports Illegal Settlers, Impoverishes Palestinians
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Is Pope Francis Laying The Groundwork For A One World Religion?

Topics from this week's edition of ALOR:

A Common Currency and a Common Central Bank:
...This grandiose programme to establish a United States of Europe, an objective once advocated by Bolshevik leader Leon Trotsky...

Contrary to Natural Law:
But in spite of the drive towards centralisation everywhere, even the Soviet Union is faced with the threat of revolt from the many separate nationalities within the Soviet Empire. As C.H. Douglas has said, the concept of central planning on a global scale is doomed to failure because it runs contrary to natural law with the persistent attempt by human beings to diversify in favour of control of their own affairs. It is a tribute to the resilience of people that they have managed to survive as well as they have in the face of centralised control.

Thus said Tacitus (?55-120 AD), Roman historian and orator in his Annals. It is a maxim which needs to be read alongside Lord Acton’s (John Dalberg-Acton, 1934-1902) better known maxim that ‘power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely’. Lord Acton observed that because of the corrupting influence of power, none is to be trusted with it: “The danger is not that a particular class is unfit to govern. Every class is unfit to govern.”...Government by laws devoid of civic virtue and morality leads to the world of today with a tyranny of laws governing our lives and restricting our freedoms. A smaller scale, more homogenous society got on fine with less law and regulation.

Canadian Wallace Klinck observed:
...The fundamental and ultimate support for the unit of money is the ability of a society to provide goods and services for the nation. The soundness of the currency depends on this factor and certainly has nothing whatever to do with gold other than the limited degree that gold may actually be a factor in the physical production of the nation...
Money is issued for production of goods and services, to which are attached financial costs which determine and compromise the final prices of such goods and services. Consumption is the acquisition and use of said production, and money should cancel at the rate of physical consumption. We simply need honest and accurate accountancy representing the relative rates of actual production and consumption. Without production of goods and services, money would be totally meaningless and therefore useless, irrelevant.

...But women in affluent countries preferred more feminine-looking men. If the affluent societies continue indefinitely, then sexual selection will cull out manly men, leaving only the girly men. However it is not going to happen: the inevitable breakdown of this surreal “reality” will soon return us to a natural order where the girly “man” will eventually face natural, not sexual, selection.


The Nato-aggression against Yugoslavia from 1999 was a model of the new wars of conquest”

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They’re All Rotten

...Europe since earliest antiquity has always been ruled by the idea that each individual is inseparable from his community, clan, tribe, people, city, empire, to which he is linked by a bond more sacred than life itself. This unquestioned belief, of which the Iliad offers the oldest and most poetic expression, took various forms. Think of the worship of ancestors for whom the city owed its existence, or the loyalty to the prince who was its visible expression.

The first threat was introduced by the individualism of early Christianity. The idea of a personal god emancipated men from the hitherto unquestioned authority of ethnic gods of the city. Yet the Church itself reimposed the idea that the individual will could not order things as it pleased.

Yet the seed of a spiritual revolution had been sown. It reappeared unexpectedly in the religious individualism of the Reformation. In the following century, the rationalist idea of absolute individualism was developed forcefully by Descartes (“I think, therefore, I am”). The philosopher also made central the biblical idea of man as the master and possessor of nature. No doubt, in Cartesian thought, man was subject to the laws of God, but God set a very bad example. Unlike the ancient gods, He was not dependent on a natural order anterior and superior to him. He was the single all-powerful and arbitrary creator of all things, of life and nature itself, according to His sole discretion. If this God was a creator free of all limits, then why not man, who is made his image, as well?

Set in motion by the scientific revolution of the 17th and 18th centuries, this idea has no known limits. In it lies what we call “modernity.” This idea assumes that man is his own creator and he can recreate the world as he pleases. There is no other principle than the will and pleasure of each individual. Consequently, the legitimacy of a society no longer depends on its compliance with the eternal laws of the ethnos. It depends only on the momentary consent of individual wills. In other words, society is legitimate only as a contract resulting from a free agreement between parties who are pursuing their own advantage.

If self-interest is the sole basis of the social compact, there is nothing to prevent us from satisfying our interests and appetites, including by filling our pockets if the opportunity is offered by our position. All the more so, given that market society, through advertising, tells us that we are obligated to enjoy ourselves, indeed, that we exist only to enjoy ourselves.

Still, despite this individualistic and materialistic logic, we have long maintained communal ties of birth and fatherland and all the obligations these imply. These ties have been progressively destroyed across Europe in the decades following World War II, while the triumphant consumer society arrived from the United States. Like other European countries, France has gradually ceased to be a nation (based on nationality, common birth) to become an aggregate of individuals united by their pleasures or the ideas they have of their interests. The former obligation to “serve” has been replaced by the general temptation to “serve oneself.” This is the logical consequence of the principle that founds society solely on human rights, thus on each individual’s interests.

And now, before our eyes, this repulsive logic faces a revolt from the depths. We are witnessing the unexpected awakening of all those who, through atavistic reflexes, feel deep down that unquestionable ancestry is what make a clan, a people, or a nation.

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Are Syria and Pakistan Pieces of the Puzzle for Assembling a Mega Gas Pipeline to China?
By Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya

Pipelineistan Geopolitics at Work: Iran, Pakistan, Syria, Qatar.

'Western Royal families hurting people's rights' by

Swiss defend banking secrecy

Afghanistan expecting record opium crop

Are American Troops Protecting Afghan Opium?
U.S. Troops Patrolling Poppy Fields In Afghanistan (Photos)

The Afghan War: “No Blood for Opium”
The Hidden Military Agenda is to Protect the Drug Trade

One Million Deaths from Afghan Heroin, Drug Production “40 Times Higher” since 2001 US-NATO Invasion
Hollywood’s Dangerous Afghan Illusion: “Charlie Wilson’s War”

Breaking Up the Big Banking Conglomerates in America. Big Banks Worth More to Investors Broken Up Into Components than as Giant Conglomerates

Secret Negotiations behind Closed Doors: The EU-India Free Trade Agreement, Devastating Economic and Social Impacts

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Please limit this endless posting of links; they are NOT COMMENTS and add NOTHING to the discussion, but just clog up space.

Obviously the poster is an idiot with zero ideas and opinions of his own; it's just mindless copy and paste.

Unfortunately, it's a shill tactic ALSO, so we may be dealing here with a hasbara shill.

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Please limit this endless posting of links; they are NOT COMMENTS and add NOTHING to the discussion, but just clog up space.

Obviously the poster is an idiot with zero ideas and opinions of his own; it's just mindless copy and paste.

Poster: Are you a shill or hasbara to clog up space? I'm familiar with this tactic too. Also, learn HTML in case you want your links to be followed. (But I don't think that's your real aim).
Show some intelligence and knowledge (if you have any).

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