Turkish seminar was held in the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Hungarian Government has taken all necessary measures to deepen Hungarian-Turkish bilateral relations; the goal of the government is to double the volume of trade between the two countries said State Secretary for Foreign Affairs and External Economic Relations Péter Szijjártó on Tuesday at a seminar held in the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce.

Turkey, Hungary's 5th most important trading partner among countries outside the European Union. The annual volume of trade between the two countries is approximately, $ 2 billion.

Turkish-Hungarian trade relations are not simply bilateral relations, because Turkey enables Hungary to reach out to the whole region, including the Arab world and the Caucasian states said Szijjártó.

Currently, 38 Hungarian companies operate in Turkey, and 293 Turkish companies in Hungary. Hungary's main export to Turkey made up by agricultural products including livestock. Hungarian companies are active in Turkish construction, as well as water management and environmental projects.

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Géza said...

well as long it is trade and nothing else with Turkey. No immigration deals for example. I warned about them before, they have their own agenda based on the resurrection of Turkish rule and islam.
Everybody who is informed about what is going on in Europe and international with the Turks and how their leaders really think and what islam really is, know these people are a danger. As a christian country never trust a muslim country!

It is already a big shame that the Turks could establish momuments to remember the Otomans in our country that their ancesters invaded and while doing that murdered, raped our ancesters and also stole our childeren, destroyed our country ect...!

Only apologies are in place here by the Turks no Turkish monuments.

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