Women demonstrate against gypsy crime in Pécs

Friday, April 12, 2013

The demonstration has been organized on a community portal and about 250 people mostly women showed up to take part in the protest. Some of the protesters carried signs like “Take care of each other!” Fidesz and Jobbik members of parliament including János Kővári and Zsolt Németh also joined the protest.

The protest has been organized by 20 year-old university student Andrea Csizmadia who attended the same event that the 20 year-old daughter of the mayor of Pécs who after the party was brutally assaulted by a repeat offender gypsy criminal, Zoltán Nyerges, as she was walking home from the party.

Police still looking for the dangerous gypsy criminal who has already spent time in jail for several violent offenses.

In recent years, several violent crimes shook public confidence in Hungary's third largest city. Last summer, a 25 year-old psychologist was sexually assaulted and murdered during the night as she was walking home from a birthday party by a repeat offender gypsy criminal. Last week, the daughter of Pécs city official was brutally assaulted as she was walking home from a university party, and the perpetrator was once again a gypsy criminal.

The organizer of the demonstration Andrea Csizmadia said to the media that the gypsy showed up at the party, but he was thrown out because of bad behavior.

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Morten Borup said...


This is a truly outstanding blog, which gives us another portrait of Hungary from what we are usually told by the mass media. Also the pictures are great.

Today I wrote an article on this event for a Danish nationalist news agency, the Nationaldemokraten. I hope you don't mind me grapping a few stories as well of some of those excellent photos for my site.

The article, I wrote, can be viewed here: . I mention this event and also briefly tell my readers about Magyar Garda and their mission.

Best wishes to you all from Denmark

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I am a foreigner attending university in Pecs, i have lived here for 5 years so i realise what is going on. I think its really strange that all of the incidents of the people I know who were attacked in the last year are not even mentioned! Its not even on the news! Nobody knows about these offences even though they have been reported. I am going to mention the crimes committed that i am aware of just to mention my experience in Pecs.
There are no police officers walking around.
There is a bar close to were I live where the vast majority of the people there are no older than 15 with gypsy men hanging around outside not even in the bar, only yesterday i passed the bar, and gypsy men attempted to follow me home but i ran, the fact that the police have not taken the license off this bar is unbelievable! UNBELIEVABLE! In my opinion is shows some sort of corruption.
I was flashed by a gypsy, fortunately i was able to run away. My roomate was attacked by a gypsy in centre. My sister was attacked mugged by a gypsy out by tesco. And i know many other girls who have been attacked in the last YEAR, and i don't even know that many people. Apart from this a male friend got viciously assaulted with a deadly weapon by a gypsy and he is lucky to still be alive. Other than this i have witnessed 3 small robberies in shops. I am from a busy capital city where i feel safer to walk around at night-time, and there is suspiciously high rate of crime in pecs for a relatively small city.
Something really needs to be done. I am scared to go out during the daytime alone and i tend not to go out at nighttime anymore. There needs to be more protection for the people of Pecs. I would like to finish my degree without having to be violated again in any way. It is truely terrible what happened these victims and still since then i am yet to see a policeman on the streets. Crime happens everywhere, every country but the fact nothing is being done about it and there is no awareness about what is really going on is appauling.

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