26-year old girl found dead

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

26-year-old Tünde Molnár disappeared in a Miskolc suburb late last week.

Her father drove her to a small store to buy butter. She was last seen buying the butter, but she never got back home, despite the fact that her home was only 200 meters from the store.

Since her disappearance couldn't be justified her parents notified police.

Today, the young girl's lifeless body has been found in the floodplain of the Sajó river near the M30 highway between Szirma and Alsózsolca by a fisherman. It is not yet known how she died said police (Most likely she has been the victim of foul play – ed.)

According to locals, the neighborhood where she disappeared is a heavily gypsy infested part of the city.

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Anonymous said...

Very sad - prayers go out to her and her family.

It is time to activate + arm the Hungarian Guard and bring order to society.

Anonymous said...

The draconian laws dealing with such events prevailing throughout human history WILL be restored. Those laws reflect human experience of the ages. Anybody think otherwise is either a fool, or doesn't know psychohistory (psychology+history). What we are experiencing is a historical anomaly, which will pass; balance will be restored - probably through some sort of violent events.

By 1914 Europe achieved a genteel, highly civilized humane society with safety nets in the works - especially in Germany - but at the same time proper and harsh punishment to criminals of every sort. It was not perfect (nothing is), but what followed ever since, was and is infinitely worse.

That (successful) society was successfully destroyed by the Anglosaxon shit via WWI.

"Democracy" has proven to be an utter failure; I used to be a big believer and advocate of it. However, now I see, that it may work in small, isolated, highly educated societies with proper cultural background and traditions - like Switzerland, but on the whole it's an unmitigated disaster, the whole thing controlled by Satanic scum. At least in 'hereditary monarchies' these vermin has no chance to be the rulers where they protect their OWN KIND through soft, ineffective laws and punishment, like criminals and murderers in general, and the killers of this girl in particular.

Anonymous said...

Good comment.

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