Another young girl disappeared in Miskolc

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

16-year-old Lilla Kalina attended the Miskolc Fráter György High School. Tuesday morning, she left school and was last seen near Metropol at 2 pm with a girlfriend, but who this girlfriend was exactly unclear. Wednesday, she did not go to school and since then there is no news about her.

In the meantime, police issued a statement regarding the other disappeared girl whose body was found yesterday near the Sajó river. Police said there was no evidence of foul play and Tünde Molnár committed suicide that no one among Tünde's friends believes.

Tünde Molnár was an athletic girl with a loving family and friends; her positive outlook on life was beyond question. She adored her horse and dogs says sources close to the family.

She cheerfully gets out of her father's car to buy butter in the nearby grocery store, then she disappears and five days later she turns up dead far away from her home near the Sajo river. This doesn't make sense.

Friends and family members are asking questions like what did she do in the past 5 days while she was missing?

What happened with her phone? – Police apparently found all of her papers near the body except her phone.

Tünde's friends don't accept the Police version of the suicide. They launch a private investigation in the case as Tünde was the second young girl who disappeared in Miskolc in the past six months; police closed both cases without investigating the circumstances of their disappearances and the reasons that led to their suicides.

Hungarian police have a long track record of “ignoring” or covering up important details of shocking murder cases, which led to the complete loss of credibility of the law enforcement agency among the population. The quick closure of some of the suspicious cases by police gave rise to speculations and suggests that more sinister forces are at work behind the scenes that explain the “sloppy” police work when it comes to investigating certain murder and “suicide” cases.

Hunhí has learned that Tünde Molnár's friends launched a private investigation and are looking for two gypsies. One of them is believed to be approximately 27 to 28 years old with a heavy build; on one of his arms there is tattooed animal head. The other one is slimmer and might wear earrings.

There is one thing to keep in mind. If indeed gypsies committed this atrocity and they successfully staged the murder as a suicide then they were not alone, that's for sure. It is unimaginable that primitive gypsy criminals could stage an event like that. Except in one case, if they were aided by some sophisticated forces (foreign intelligence agencies?). This might also explain why police are so “timid” when it comes to investigating the suspicious cases.

Police reported that missing 16-year-old Lilla Kalina turned up safe and sound; but there is no news where she was and what she has done in the past two days.

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Unknown said...

Foreign intelligence agencies involved in the murder of a young girl? Too much for paranoia. Most probably gypsies are not so primitive after all, or maybe there is a hungarian serial murderer on the loose

Anonymous said...

^^^ Unknown; (It should be "Unknowing")
The past decades' record of violent (murder) Gypsy crime does not indicate in any single instance that they are not primitive (i.e. they're intelligent).
When the police tells nonsense that means that they are under orders from above, to lie and obfuscate.

What the specific reason is, we do not know, but we have every right to speculate if they're telling us bullshit.

Professional comment: Unless she was a "rapid cycle bi-polar" - which would have been previously diagnosed anyway (it just doesn't occur out of nowhere) - she would not commit suicide without her immediate circle of people not noticing the (unmistakable) signs of (ongoing) clinical depression.

Also, her cell/smart phone is gone, the ONLY valuable item she had on her. That's telling enough too, and right now, based on (HUGE) mountains of evidence, in Hungary only the Gypsies would kill for a rape and lousy phone.

Your "argument" is a foolish babble of a know-nothing, terminally biased retard.

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