Christian Women Against Femen Movement has been formed to oppose the Satanists run extreme liberal “Femen” whorehouse

Monday, May 20, 2013

The founder of the movement is Maria Piasecka Łopuszańska, who is by the way the leader of the Polish patriotic movement called “Kobiety Dla Narodu” (KDN). The Christian Women Against Femen Facebook page has been created jointly by KDN and Jobbik IT activists.

We can be very proud of these women, who are disgusted by the extreme liberal, feminist "women's rights activists'” daily rampages and decided to do something about the satanists run prostitutes' abuse of women's dignity and grace around the world.

Activists of the Christian Women Against Femen proudly declare that their bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit, and they become truly free by faith. They profess that the trinity of God, home and the family can provide true freedom for women rather than following the degenerate feminist ideology.

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Anonymous said...

Bravo to the ladies ! The push-back against the vulgar, decadent, Cultural Marxists begins.

0jr said...

It all started with this junkie jew who drugged and had sex with his mother

Freud, Zionism and Sexual Revolution

Warning link below has pictures of vile sex acts by jews but has educational commentary you can just listen to

Anonymous said...

Of course, the "Satanists" mentioned above are the (ethnic) group with the ritually mutilated male members...(pun intended)

0jr said...

Femen is financed by a Jew
Posted on May 23, 2013 by Streicher's Ghost — 1 Comment ↓

A topless Femen activist held a fake gun in her mouth on the altar of Notre Dame cathedral – a day after historian Dominique Venner shot himself dead inside the iconic Paris building.

The woman staged a protest in the 12th century cathedral today with the slogan “may fascists rest in hell” emblazoned across her bare chest.

femen whore Femen is financed by a Jew

Femen is a degenerative collective of feminists known for their provocative and vulgar “protests”.

Each new recruit to the Femen has to show off her breasts to audition for the role, and has to agree to be photographed topless in order to be admitted to the group.

Femen “activists” receive a salary of about $1000, and the funds partly come from the Jew Jed Sunden:

In 2008, when topless protests were a novelty in Ukraine, Hutsol got a call from publisher Jed Sunden, the owner of KP Media.

“Jed was the very first influential person who noticed us, helped us with all the resources he had, gave use some useful advice, generously donated and said we were special. Jed was the very first person who helped us in organization’s promotion and creation of our website. We used to call him a ‘Femen Post’ [a play off of the Kyiv Post newspaper, which Sunden sold last year],” Hutsol said.

Sunden acknowledged he is more than a fan of Femen.

“I confirm that I do give money to Femen,” Sunden said. “I will not state the amount. After meeting with Anna Hutsol, I was impressed with her ideas and have been a supporter. I believe Anna is a young, independent voice in Ukraine. While I do not agree with all of her positions, I believe it is important to give her, and groups like hers, support.”

Sunden is the founder of the media company KP Media and former owner of the Kyiv Post newspaper. He is on one page described as a “friend and sponsor of the city’s [Krivoy Rog's] Jewish community who finances a number of educational projects…”
jed sunden Femen is financed by a Jew

Jed Sunden (to the right) visits a synagogue

Sunden was once sued for accusing another magazine of “anti-Semitism.”

Read more

0jr said...

Surprise! French Femen whores are… paid hookers

Anonymous said...

The whole Hollywoodism industry is full of social trash and psychologically damaged people promoting their mental illnesses. The (Hollywood) psychology operates on many levels of deception to entice the (TV) idiots into unwittingly mocking and undermining themselves. The Marionette (puppet) actor/actress hypnotizes the (TV) audience into accepting self-debasement as a self-identity. These manipulators (marionette's puppeteer) are masters of deception and hypnotism - a craft perfected over thousands of years.

One of their typical leading "darlings" is the openly hostile (angry), pig-mouth comedienne (stage joke) Sarah Silverman who flaunts her sexuality like a street whore and her open hate towards Americans (gentiles). She is a very psychologically damaged person from a lifetime of indoctrination into the satanic cult. But it (projection of hatred) is characteristic of the deep resentment and jealousy of advanced societies - Persians + Western + Eastern + Traditional Civilizations that actually create rather than destroy. If she and her Hollywood type dislike gentiles and civilization so much, why doesn't she just return to her "promised land" to practice her vile witchcraft ? She can't - she has a negative identity of hatred and a homogeneous society of these vile satanists without an external perceived "enemy" (gentiles) will self-destruct through in-fighting. Her mission, and identity, is to undermine Traditional Civilization and she knows her parasitic Hollywood type cannot exist without a host civilization.

Time is running-out for the Hollywood social trash - their agenda is being widely (and quickly) exposed - they know they are on the way down - back into the bottle that traditionally marginalized them into isolated ghettos.

How The **** Mock Jesus Christ by Brother Nathanael

Freud, Zionism and Sexual Revolution

0jr said...


Read more

Anonymous said...

Women against Feminism - the normal folks in society are fighting back with their own social media campaigns against the misguided (useful idiots) Frankfurt School Cultural Marxists pawns.

'Confused Cats Against Feminism' lampoon online anti-feminist movement

Photos of cats with cheeky signs to explain why they don't need feminism may be funny — and yes, very, very cute to look at — but they're far from frivolous when put into the context of an ongoing debate over the meaning of feminism and its importance in contemporary society.

A new Tumblr blog called "Confused Cats Against Feminism" is making the viral rounds this week as thousands continue to rile against a growing contingent of vocal anti-feminists online.

"Hey, cats need a place where they can post pictures of themselves holding signs denouncing feminism for assorted weird reasons that don't seem to have anything to do with what feminism is actually about," reads the site's about section, taking a not-so-subtle shot at the "Women Against Feminism" movement.

To date, Confused Cats Against Feminism has more than 30 entries from the owners of cats, dogs, and even rabbits who want to mocked the perceived beliefs of anti-feminists — with a good dose of humour...
..."Feminists are the only people who lose their minds with rage when you tell them that women already have the same exact rights as men," reads a portion of the "Why I am Against Feminism" page. "That’s not good enough. They want more. They desperately want to be victims. They want a privileged social position."

Confused Cats Against Feminism - "because they have no idea what feminism is. they're cats."


Warren Farrell - The Myth of Male Power

...We’ll have an interesting conversation about anti-male gender studies courses, how political correctness affects men and discuss the portrayal of men in entertainment, media and education. Also, we question the agenda to feminize males. Later, Warren talks about the harm of boys growing up without their father. He’ll also share his thoughts on male circumcision. At the end, Farrell explains his view of a healthy relationship dynamic between a man and a woman.

Right and Left Globalism

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