Erőss' widow doesn't want alms

Monday, May 27, 2013

Friends and fellow mountaineers of Zsolt Erőss († 45) started a donation drive to help her widow Hilda, the mother with two young children to raise, but she doesn't want alms. The head of the Hungarian Mountaineering and Sport Climbing Federation's branch manager, Endre Futó said that this was not the first time that they helped the family of a climber in times of need.

Hilda Sterczer, however, at least as unwavering on this issue as her husband on mountain climbing. Even though, she is raising two children -- Gerda (4), Csoma (2) – alone, she doesn't want help from anyone.

Before I became a mother, I had worked as a German teacher. Currently, I have three private students, but from this income alone I can't make a living. I need work, the kind I can do while raising my kids. I would like to find a teaching position in a language school or to be a lecturer said Hilda Sterczer to

Once one of our friends told me, there are people who thrive in a hundred years and their lives gone, and there are others who live meaningful lives, like Zsolt.

Mountain climbing was everything to him, I've never asked him to stop what he liked to do and now, he has remained for ever in the mountains said Hilda, who also revealed that there are plans to erect a totem pole alongside a rock coming from Békás Pass Erdély, where he started his career, in the Bükk National Park to honor his memory.

I was always conscious about the fact that anything can happen to him on the mountains. The possibility of a tragedy has been always in the cards – a stone could crush him or he could fall into his death – but I've never thought that Zsolt was going to die because he went beyond a certain limit said Hilda, who when learned that reaching the summit took 24 hours she knew that something went wrong.

They climbed 24 hours without sleep; the way down usually takes half that time. I climbed with him 27 hours without stopping, so I know how tired you can be after an expedition like that. When I learned that it took 24 hours to reach the summit I knew that they will have to spend at least one night outdoors. One still can survive one night in the open, but not more than that said the widow who heard her husband's voice the last time on her birthday when he called just before leaving for the summit.

He told me that we spend little time together and promised that he will spend the entire summer with us. I told him don't think about these things now, but concentrate on the task ahead of him. This was the last time I heard his voice said Hilda.

Zsolt Erőss († 45) and his partner Péter Kiss († 27) disappeared while descending from the Kanchenjunga summit (8586 meter) Monday evening.

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