Fidesz MEP József Szájer remarks on the European Union

Monday, May 13, 2013

Fidesz MEP József Szájer, the vice-President of the European People's Party Parliamentary Group gave a lecture at “Lakitelek Népfőiskola” entitled National Policy in the European Parliament.

The highlights:

We Hungarians were serious about controlling our own destiny and wanted to rectify the mistakes of the past twenty years. The new Constitution has been written to correct these mistakes by starting the work with the basics.

On the level of principles Hungarian efforts have collided with the globalist dogma, which is the prevalent ideology of the European Parliament today. Business interests have become the sole foundation of cooperation among member states, nothing else counts anymore.

The leaders of the 1968 Paris student revolt preached anti-Christian values, the uselessness of traditional societies, extreme individualism and the idea that citizens have only rights, but no obligations towards the state. Today, these values have slowly invaded the entire social fabric of Europe.

For globalists the notion that nation states might have Christian roots are utterly unacceptable.

Hungary does not fit into the globalist view of history, the view, which dominates the European Parliament today, as a consequence, Hungary has been caught up in the ideological debate on history.

Double standards do exist in the European Union and it does not matter who is doing what.

The recent debate on Hungary in the European Parliament was essentially a court trial, where I was not given the opportunity to adequately defend Hungary's position, I received only one and a half minutes speaking time.

The most basic European principles are grossly violated in the European Parliament, the attacks on Hungary are in fact part of an ideological confrontation between the opposing sides.

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Anonymous said...

Then why do you support szechenyi terv the guy who introduced the Banking Oligarchs, casinos and capitalists to Hungary also so many naive socialists and communists philosophy Fidesz still support, the whole Fidesz is masked in the closk as if nationalists but is still globalist at heart.

Anonymous said...

Then leave the EU already pretty please?

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