Four Shining Gold on Start!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

The first morning of finals at the Szeged World Cup brought 4 gold, 4 silver and 2 bronze medals for Hungary. Rudolf Dombi and Roland Kökény after their Olympic gold once again could stepped up to the highest rank, Anna Kárász and Ninetta Vad (K-2 500m) won gold, Réka Hagymási and Alexandra Horváth (K-2 1000m), and the duo of Henrik Vasbányai and Róbert Mike on C-2 1000m too.

Our Olympic stars and lots and lots of younger athletes were shining again on the first day of the finals at the World Cup in Szeged where the Hungarian team shovelled 4 gold, 4 silver and 2 bronze medals.

Rudolf Dombi and Roland Kökény, two of our heroes of London, once again performed outstandingly, they could not be beat on K-2 1000m.

“And where is our top shape even! We could still go faster and achieve a better time”, explained Roland Kökény.

“We use the tactic of leaving some extra for the last metres. We don't like unpleasant surprises on the way to victory”, added Rudolf Dombi, the other face of the World Cup.

And who else shovelled gold in addition to these guys?

Anna Kárász and Ninetta Vad were victorious in another Olympic event, in K-2 500m, and they are very happy about the fruit of their hard work of the past year.

“We really just clicked with Ninetta whose explosivity is very beneficial”, said Anna Kárász, who also believes that they still could have a few more surprises at the qualifying competition.

Henrik Vasbányai and Róbert Mike also finished with surprising result, winning in the Olympic event of C-2 1000m. “This is a great day for us, especially because our duo is very new. Because of the injury of Marci [Márton] Tóth, we only sat together the first time on Tuesday. But it seems our temporary crew is doing very well”, added Henrik Vasbányai , who could also collect a silver medal for C-4 1000m (the other canoe crew earned a bronze medal).

Another young duo, Réka Hagymási and Alexandra Horváth showed the seasoned competitors in K-2 1000m that the world needs to be ready for the entry of the junior generations to the limelight. They beat Nóra Szilvásy and Petra Szabó. -


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