Hungarian National Karate Team won 5 medals at the weekend 48th Adult Karate European Championships in Budapest

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Hungarian National Karate Team surpassed all previous expectations at the weekend 48th Adult Karate European Championships in Budapest. Fans created a magical atmosphere, which greatly contributed to winning five medals in the tournament said the head of the Hungarian Karate Federation Dr. János Mészáros.

If karate will be chosen as an Olympic sport that will improve Hungary's Olympic medal winning chances in the next Olympics said Mészáros.

The head of the karate association expected 3 medals as Europe, not counting the great karate nations like Japan, is the strongest continent in the sport. Those who win just one medal in these tournaments count as a success.

It is also very encouraging that this success has been achieved by a very young team.

In recent years the Hungarian karate team evolved a great deal at the junior level. And the most amazing part of the story is that young people already showed their potentials at this tournament. Now, I can confidently say that if karate becomes an Olympic sport in 2020, the Hungarian national team will win medals if we can continue our work with the same space said Mészáros.

Two weeks from now, the International Olympic Committee's Executive Committee will meet in St. Petersburg to chose what sports will be recommended as an Olympic sport at the next Summer games. We hope karate will be included on the proposed list. I think we added extra efforts during this championship to convince the executive committee that karate is ready to be included on the list. The leaders of the European Karate Association also praised our efforts. The only question is whether this extra effort is passed on to the decision makers. The day before the tournament started we assembled hundreds of karatekas in 'Heroes' square and formed the shapes of the letter 'K' and the Olympic rings in order to send a message to the decision makers said the head of the Hungarian Karate Federation.

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