Hungary is prepared to defend the nation against biological warfare

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Smallpox, Ebola, plague, dreaded diseases...their causative agents can “emerge” anywhere at any time due to globalization and climate change, this is the meaningless warning of the World Health Organization.

How nice that all these plagues can be blamed on these magic events, even though everyone knows that the most effective means of achieving the New World Order is the use of biological weapons.

The National Security Laboratory is prepared to identify the deadliest viruses and bacteria in no time; this was announced by the Minister of State for Health Miklós Szócska who also added that the institution operates on the highest safety standards and equipped with top of the line technology that only a few countries have in Europe.

There are some simple rules that the ministry intends to disseminate among the population as part of the ongoing public health mobilization campaign -- things like hand washing for hand hygiene is very important to prevent major disasters.

We are very well equipped to protect against these diseases; we have advanced and very effective vaccines available for everyone, even if lots of people skeptical of vaccination said the minister.

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Anonymous said...

The whole centralized UN - WHO apparatus is a scam to implement the New World Order (NWO) Agenda-21 - depopulation agenda.

In 2009 JaneBurgermeister(.de) exposed the Bird Flu Scam - the media was parroting the beginning of a "pandemic" of bird flu in the SPRING of 2009 (Northern Hemisphere) to panic everyone into getting the vaccination. The pharmaceutical industry was the financial beneficiary of the scam. Spring and the associated ultra-violet light from the sun destroys viruses and this is why the flu season is in the (dark) winter months.

The UN - WHO scam list is endless - fluoridation of water, vaccinations, etc. - using false science to justify the agenda. The famous WW1 "pandemic" of the Spanish flu is mis-represented. Most of the victims of that flu succumbed to secondary bacteria infection (bacterial pneumonia) - the flu weakened the immune system, pneumonia was the causative agent. Today we have antibiotics, sanitation, central heating and conventional treatments to overcome secondary infections.

Keep a sharp eye on the UN - WHO, pharmaceutical industry scammers, and mouth-piece vaccination promoters - Hollywood puppets, Billy (Microsoft) Gates, etc.

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