Intensive Finnish language courses in Geresdlak

Monday, May 6, 2013

The village of Geresdlak with the population of 800

EU financed 90-hour intensive Finnish language course starts in the village of Geresdlak, Baranya county with the population of 800; initially, twelve individuals are expected to take part in the program.

The interest in the Finnish language is due to the fact that 100-150 Finnish citizens, mostly retirees, bought property in the village and spend 6-8 months in average per year in Geresdlak.

So far, Finns have bought 24 houses in the community; in general, 2-3 families use one house in different times of the year.

According to the mayor of Geresdlak Tibor Habjánecz it is possible that more Finnish families buy property in the village, as it is every weekend at least one busload of Finnish citizens arrive in Geresdlak.

The influence of the Finnish culture starts spreading among the local population as well; besides the interest taken in the Finnish language, local residents start building their own saunas as well; now, every fourth or fifth Hungarian family has sauna; due to this fact, Geresdlak can boast with the largest sauna density in Hungary.

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Anonymous said...


John & Hannele Dance said...

I am English with a Finnish Wife so best try to learn some Hungarian as my Finnish after 35 years of marriage is very limited. Do the local population speak any English as I am thinking of moving to Geresdlak for 4-6 months a year! If the mayor of Geresdlak - Tibor Habjánecz can suggest where I can build my new house I am happy view any plots. I am not retired (yet) so might be pleased to become part of the local community.

HungarianAmbiance said...

I doubt that anybody speaks English there.

Pekka Staven said...

But all the Finns in the village speak English so please wellcome...

Anonymous said...

Turun Sanomissa oli tänään 13/11 -13 kirjoitus alueetanne , jossa suomaiset ostaneet talon. Mitä sellainen maksaisi euroissa. Talo jonka kunto olisi ainakin kohtuulinen Olen eläkkeellä ja mielenkiintoa ostoon olisi. Aarno Karhu

Pekka Staven said...

Aarno.: n. 15 000€ hintaisessa talossa voi alkaa asumaan.

david james said...
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Anonymous said...

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