Interest in Hungarian citizenship is growing

Friday, May 10, 2013

Since the introduction of the new citizenship act in 2011, Hungarian authorities have received more than 400 thousand citizenship applications.

Officials are expecting that the five hundred thousandth application will be handed in in the fall. What has surprised many is the fact that interest in Hungarian citizenship is not winding down but the exact opposite, it shows an upward trend compared to the previous year.

In mid-May more than 440 thousand Hungarians or their descendants living abroad applied for simplified naturalization; 360 thousand of them have already taken the citizenship oath said Commissioner Tamás Wetzel at a press conference on Friday in Nyíregyháza.

This year 35 per cent more people applied for Hungarian citizenship than during the same period in the previous year.

In Transylvania alone more than 100 thousand people applied for Hungarian citizenship among them a 104 year old man who has become Hungarian citizen the third time in his life.

Ministerial Commissioner considers the simplified citizenship act a fundamental step in the process of uniting Hungarian communities around the world. It is a true success story, which the government and the whole Hungarian nation can be proud of said the commissioner.

(Notes: The globalist parties that are pursuing a hostile foreign agenda are naturally unhappy with the news as they don't consider Hungarians and their descendant living abroad as being Hungarians. The globalist parties promoting division rather than unification of the nation. They all campaigned against the simplified citizenship referendum in 2004. Gyurcsany and his gang even today resent the fact that Hungarians living abroad receive Hungarian citizenship and able to vote in national elections. The other globalist parties and their leaders (Mesterhazy, Bajnai) accept the new citizenship act only grudgingly, mostly from strategic reasons as they have no loyalty to the Hungarian nation.)

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Unknown said...

Globalists would strip off hungarian nationality even from those born in Hungary, to them nationality is a medieval thing. At the same time they call themselves europeans, wich is another (and fabricated) kind of nationality

Anonymous said...

I agree with the comment above and would like to add a couple remarks.

The globalists want to turn Europe into "Regions" - geographic areas that span countries to destroy the ethnic, national identity.

In addition, they are moving to a model of "residency" as citizenship. Merely residing in a "region" for a minimum period - 3 years (1100 days) entitles the invader to citizenship. This totally destroys ethnicity and Nationalism.

It is an absurdity for a non-ethnic invader to "reside" in a country for 1100 days (3 years) and thus become a citizen ! Why should an invader have the same rights, actually superior rights under "multi-culturalism" (ethnic defamation), as an ethnic national whose family has been there for hundreds of years ?

Ethnicity and citizenship is based upon tradition.

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