Jews instructed Budapest Mayor István Tarlós to block naming a public place in the second district of Budapest after Hungarian writer Cécile Tormay

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Budapest Mayor István Tarlós called for the renegotiation of the proposal that recommended to name a street in the second district of Budapest after one of the greatest Hungarian writers Cécile Tormay said the Communication Director of the Mayor's Office Mária Somlyó Szűcs on Thursday.

The mayor citing the Local Government Act as a basis for the renegotiation of the proposal. The law states that if the mayor finds the decision of the representative body of the local self-government offensive he can call for the renegotiation of the proposal.

In the mean time, the mayor called on the Hungarian Academy of Sciences to comment on the issue.

Budapest City Council Wednesday's decision called for the renaming of a street after Hungarian writer Cécile Tormay, which outraged "MAZSIHISZ" (Jewish umbrella organization).

Jews call Cécile Tormay an antisemite because she wrote in plain language about the role of Jews in the 1919 Bolshevik coup.

Cécile Tormay's book “BUJDOSÓ KÖNYV” can be downloaded in PDF format (in Hungarian) from here!!!

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0jr said...

I recently read the jewswant to pu up a statute of trotsky the murderous bolsevik jew in Buda which gives patriotic another reason to annihalte them and thier zionist comrades

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