Jobbik Youth Wing launches recruiting campaign

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Recently elected president of Jobbik Youth Wing Gergely Farkas has decided that it was time to launch a major nationwide recruiting campaign. The campaign is called “Awakening Youth Year”, the goal is, among others, to get more Hungarian young people acquainted with our organization writes the president.

The goal is to set up a local organization in every Hungarian city and town encouraging young people to join the organization. In the coming months members and supporters of the organization will descend upon the streets to introduce the organization to young people and the public. Our presence will be felt on Facebook as well through our ads and campaign videos said the head of the organization.

Young people between 14 to 30 years of age are invited to join the organization. "The current system needs young people with strong sense of identity and healthy mind and body." "We let people know that Hungarian youth has awakened," says the recruiting brochure

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