Picture of the day: Hungarian kids forced to wear yellow star

Thursday, May 9, 2013

An outraged Hungarian mother uploaded this picture on Facebook with the following comment: "My child was forced to wear yellow star". The incident took place in “Balatonfüred Kiserdei” kindergarten.

It is not known what motivated the kindergarten to force children to wear yellow star; some suspect that with the gesture the kindergarten wanted to pay tribute to the World Jewish Congress Budapest meeting held during the weekend.

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Géza said...

what is happening if they start to put yellow stars on our childeren? This really has to stop!!

Moderator my apologies but I can not get in touch with you in another way, so here another very serious newsflash offtopic...or we get out of this EU or this will be our faith! These criminals do not hide their real plans anymore!

"The president of the European Commission has fanned the flames of British debate over EU membership by insisting that fiscal union in the eurozone will lead to "intensified political union" for ALL 27 member states."

"Mr Barroso's announcement that he will set out plans for a European federation next spring, before elections to the European Parliament in May 2014"

"Mr Barroso has called on all European leaders to accept that political union is inevitable"


Anonymous said...

The Jews want a "political union in Europe, because they KNOW it WILL destroy Europe through mayhem, strife, carnage and bloodshed.
How do they know? Easy. Yugoslavia. This is where people of similar ethnicity and language(!) (Slavs) shed blood to become separate and independent. The other is Czechoslovakia (also Slavs) - they managed to avoid bloodshed. The Basques and Catalans in Spain want independence, the Valloons and Flemish want to be separate, so do the Scots and possibly the Welsh in the UK.
I can't see the Baltics would have ANY of it, nor would the Hungarians.

I doesn't take much imagination to forecast carnage, destruction and turmoil. But this is in fact the Jews' aims (and plans) for Europe and Christians.

Anonymous said...

That look of indifference on their faces speaks for all of us.

I say we should let these shenanigans continue. Who knows, Jobbik could reach 2/3 majority by 2018 if this keeps up.

Angela Bogaczy said...

Yellow star on a bandana? Is this a sendup? :)

Anonymous said...

Jewish people are making themselves very unpopular all over the world. The endless self promotion, the mercenary monopolisation of entire industries (e.g. De Beers - diamonds), the Palestinian horror show, the constant holocaust reminders - You cannot watch a WW2 documentary anymore without it coming back to the Jews. Jewish people never ask themselves why people don't like them. They never ever ask themselves why there is nothing such as Anti-Jamaicanism or Anti-Australianism.

YWontU said...

Yes, but there is definitely anti-islam, and as the numbers of muslims increase in a country so does Jew hatred, it is koranic, you know. We have an abundance of evidence of this. And people who support the Palestinians are in support of the Islamic jihad on the world, which is the root cause of genocides on the non muslims, and muslims who are not considered muslim enough, as well as the mass displacement of millions. In the same vein, the Palestinian horror show has been staged for people like you, by a people who love death, according to their Islamic ideology. Muslims should start asking themselves if they still want to be known as muslims. Soon, four fifths of humanity are going to start saying: Enough is enough, and they are going to fight back.

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