Scandal: The European vice-President of the Uyghur World Congress has been apprehended and expelled from the country

Thursday, May 30, 2013

As we reported earlier, the Uyghur World Congress Youth Wing scheduled to hold a three-day conference in Budapest organized by the World Federation of Hungarians.

The Uyghur delegation was accommodated in Budapest Attila Hotel; today, police apprehended the European vice-President of the Uyghur World Congress Ümit Hamit (see the photo) under the pretext that his papers were not in order; then, they closed down the hotel citing fire safety concerns kicking the entire delegation out into the street.

The head of the World Federation of Hungarians Miklós Patrubány offered the headquarters of the organization to the Uyghur delegation upon which police emptied the entire building citing a bomb threat.

Budapest Police Department denies that anyone was apprehended; in the mean time, members of the Tibet Support Association, led by Tibor HENDREY have come to the headquarters to show solidarity with the Uyghur delegation.

There are unconfirmed reports that the Hungarian Ambassador to Washington was summoned into the U.S. foreign ministry to give an explanation for what happened.

According to the program, a press conference will be held tomorrow, and Ümit Hamit won't be there because he was allegedly expelled from Hungary said conference participants to journalists on the ground.

Tamás Gaudi-Nagy called for immediate information about the police action from the State Secretary of Internal Affairs, Károly Kontrát, but has not yet received a response.

It is an open secrete that the Hungarian government acted on Chinese request as China opposes the political activities of Uyghurs in exile and does its best to sabotage the Uyghur communities' fight for independence.

According to various sources, the Uyghur delegation was outraged by the police action and left the country.

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