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Monday, May 27, 2013

Corporal Al-Ayham Hamadin anti-terror corps officer and his 16 soldiers fought against 800 mercenaries in Der Al-Zour trained in Turkey. Most of the mercenaries are Afghan, Chechen, Turkish, Libyan and other nationalities.

The mercenaries who are financed by the west are members of the Jabhet Al-Nasra organization. Syrian troops killed hundreds of them even if they were badly outnumbered; but instead of leaving the city 16 soldiers of the Syrian army decided to stay and fight on for their country to the bitter end.

Before died Corporal Hamad called up the leader of the terrorist organization telling him “you'll be all in hell before we die”. Then all sixteen soldiers said goodbye to each others and their families and attacked the terrorists. This is the last photo made about Corporal Hamad.

Russian journalist Anastasia Popova said the chemical weapons attack in Aleppo was a terrorist operation. Reuters and Aljazeera regularly falsify news coming out of Syira.

Syrian "freedom fighters" - the new best friends of the democratic west

The Russian journalist turned over all evidence including videos and interviews (made with residents and doctors) to Russian diplomatic representative in Syria to prove that the so-called "Syrian Free Army" and Al Nusrat Front members used chemical weapons in Aleppo.

The Russian journalist noted that during the attack she was in Aleppo collecting evidence. She concluded her message by saying that Al Jazeera and Reuters systematically falsify the news on Syria.

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