The President of the World Jewish Congress Ronald S. Lauder issued a stern warning to the colony

Friday, May 31, 2013

The President of the World Jewish Congress Ronald S. Lauder issued a stern warning to the colony: don't even think about naming a street after that overtly anti-Semitic woman, meaning Hungarian writer Cécile Tormay.

Lauder expressed his shock over Budapest municipal council decision to name a street in Budapest second district after one of the greatest Hungarian writers Cécile Tormay.

One of the leading members of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán Fidesz party Budapest Mayor István Tarlós calls into question the prime minister's promise he made to the Jewish community that Hungarian authorities will pursue a vigorous fight against antisemitism writes Lauder.

However, it seems that it is necessary to remind them that Cécile Tormay was not only Miklós Horthy's favorite writer, but a notorious antisemite writes the President of the WJC.

Lauder pointed out, that during the WJC Congress in Budapest in May, PM Viktor Orbán declared that "anti-Semitism is unacceptable and intolerable"; he also said that history has taught Hungarians that antisemitism must be exposed before it exploded into public view.

The President of the WJC expressed his hope that Budapest metropolitan government recognizes that Horthy and his disciples like the antisemite Cécile Tormay, and the political and intellectual atmosphere they have created were the forerunner of the deportation of hundreds of thousands Hungarian Jews into Nazi death camps.

We urge Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to talk to the mayor of Budapest, who is a member of his party, and convince him to withdraw the proposition concludes his letter Ronald S. Lauder.

(Notes: After such a letter, we can take it for granted that Budapest metropolitan council will back down and no street will bear the name of one of the greatest Hungarian writers Cécile Tormay anytime soon; but she will live on in the hearts and minds of the Hungarian people with many other great poets, writers and philosophers that the colonizers also blacklisted.)

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Anonymous said...

The Communists murdered how many Christian Europeans ? 130 million ? Who were the Communists - Lenin, Trotsky, Beria, Tito, Stalin, ... their Wall Street financial backers and New York Times apologists (deflectors) ?

Why don't these groups identify the Communists and condemn them ?

Anonymous said...

Do these SUPREMACISTS think they run the world ?

Anonymous said...

Luther was also as Cécile Tormay, this political speak is absurd.

Anonymous said...

The outrage and resentment is building everywhere.

Even I get surprised constantly, how pervasive it has become - even if they try to control it (with some success) in the media and on the Net. On the person-to-person level it's everywhere; the derisive comments and negative allusions of the chosenites crop up now all the time, often unexpectedly. Even a short five years ago it was NOTHING like this.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Yes, they're vigorously stoking the fires underneath, and at the same time they're shutting the valves.
It doesn't takes a genius in physics to figure out what happens at the end.

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