The prime minister ordered the interior minister to block the anti-Zionist demonstration scheduled for tomorrow

Friday, May 3, 2013

Statement issued by the prime minister's office:
Budapest, May 3, 2013 Friday

“The court today's decision to lift the ban on the anti-Zionist rally scheduled for Saturday is unacceptable. My view is clear: there is no room for any antisemitic event, which is circumventing the rule of law whatever hidden guises it may take. The authorization of such event is incompatible with the values of the Hungarian people and the letter and the spirit of the Constitution. Therefore, I urge the President of the Supreme Court to consider whatever legal means he has at his disposal to enforce the Constitution. At the same time, I instructed the interior minister to use all legal means to prevent this unconstitutional event from taking place.”

Viktor Orbán, Prime Minister of Hungary

As soon as the court overruled the police decision and lifted ban on the anti-Zionist rally “MAZSIHISZ” (Hungarian Jewish umbrella group) started a hysteria campaign by calling on the prime minister to use all means necessary to block the anti-Zionist demonstration.

(Notes: My first thoughts on this new development. What we see unfolding in the media is nothing more but political theater. I think the main point lies somewhere else. Behind the scene forces are desperate to get their agents (Bajnai, Mesterhazy, Gyurcsany) elected in the next general election (a year from now). However, all polls show that Fidesz has a massive lead over the globalist parties, and if things remain like this behind the scene forces candidates suffer massive defeat and Fidesz might even get close to winning another landslide victory. Even if the globalists engineer an election fraud that wouldn't be enough to win the election as the gap between the governing party and the globalists are too wide to close. As a result, globalist gurus might have decided to divide Fidesz supporters (a time tested strategy). They can do that by forcing the prime minister to pledge allegiance to the Jews publicly as often as possible; for instance, in a recent interview with a Jewish publication, the prime minister said “Jews are the blessings of God”. Zionists like these kinds of public compliments -- they are telling supporters that the prime minister is just another Zionist puppet. Knowing that the Hungarian electorate is massively anti-Zionist globalist campaign gurus hoping that these public pledges in time create discord among Fidesz supporters especially, among the ignorant ones who tend to see things black and white. I believe as we get closer to the election day globalist attacks on the country and on the government will intensify and even become hysterical with threats and accusations... It is not hard to predict that the upcoming election campaign will be the dirtiest ever. The European Union has already been attacking the government on several fronts for months. The ultimate goal is to intimidate the electorate and get the globalist agents back to power in order to undo the Fidesz government's achievements for the benefit of the puppet-masters making a helpless colony out of the country. If the prime minister manages to ban the demonstration despite the court ruling by using legal tricks the liberal opposition might turn on him calling him a dictator, if he does nothing he will be accused of antisemitism.)



Unknown said...

Just leave the jews alone, globalists come from every nation, money don't care about your nationality. Zionism is just jewish imperialism, the same as american o british imperialism or hungarian imperialism in the past, and imperialism is the natural aspiration of every strong and healthy country. Wouldn't you like to bring back Erdely, Felvidek or Delvidek back to the mother land? learn from the jews!!

Anonymous said...

What unbelievable level of utter ignorance...
I got NOTHING to learn from scumbags. If you, on the other hand, have something to learn from them, then you don't even make it to the scumbag level, you're on the bottom of the pit of the outhouse latrine.

Anonymous said...

Vulgarity and ranting adds nothing to the conversation - it is bitter divisiveness and undermines the "cause". Perhaps commenters should focus on constructive solutions to issues.

Most (thinking) people have some understanding of the problem and their own identification of "who" (5th columns) are undermining society. Everyone has their specific named "list", but the terms "globalist" and "banksters" are sufficiently descriptive and neutral identifiers - acceptable to most (thinking) people to begin a constructive dialogue.

What is missing from the conversation are practical, constructive economic, social, political, etc. solutions to begin the conversation, generate and disseminate ideas - to counter-act the "globalists" and "banksters".

Why not contribute constructive and thoughtful solutions on such topics as: economics (Macro-Economics - Social Credit, Micro-economics - distributive economics + family businesses, Social Economy, Co-operatives), public banking (Credit Unions), sovereignty, capacity building, culture, heritage, tradition, family, community and faith to raise the level of conversation ?

The bankster-globalists have a +100 year track record of destroying traditional society. It will take a re-learning of traditions to recover some type of "rational" society. Fortunately, the Internet can communicate and educate a society very rapidly if the focus can be developed and maintained.

Unknown said...

Anonymous comments only shown how difficult it is to be at the same time anti-zionist but not anti-semitic, most anti-zionists are in fact anti-semitic, just in disguise.

Zionism was the force that made the State of Israel possible, the dream of every jew for centuries, and even when not every jew is a zionist, it's really impossible to separate them.

If you hate zionism not for racial reasons, but because you hate every kind of imperialism, you are in fact close to the socialist utopia, because empires will always exist. You better get stronger and make your country stronger. Bullies respect the strong not the crying babies.

Stop complaining about some imaginary jewish international conspiracy and go to study, prepare yourself and have kids, and rise them acording to your traditional values, with have nothing to do with hating the jews, but about the christian legacy of Szent István.

Anonymous said...

"Zionism was the force that made the State of Israel possible, the dream of every jew for centuries, and even when not every jew is a zionist, it's really impossible to separate them."

If its their dream, then why are so many Jews outside Israel? Why dont Jews in Hungary go to Israel?

Unknown said...

For the same reason that there are so many hungarians who fled the country after 1956 and never came back, they made their life overseas, it's the same for the jews, it's not easy to leave the place where you planted your roots and travel to a country in war, but millions did.

Jews are not a problematic community, people use to remember those comunists or "banksters", but there are thousands who have normal lives, doctors, teachers, soldiers, many of them also defended Hungary in WWI.

Anonymous said...

NEW WORLD ORDER - the Banksters - Globalists have done the world a great favor by self-labeling their agenda. This is a linguistic "gift" - a focal point of identity and agenda - similar to the "Communist" label. "Bankster", "Globalist", "New World Order" is sufficient linguistic identity to focus the counter-effort and not be undermined by petty divisive arguments and "wedge" issues. The term "New World Order" needs to be widely (negatively) used - similarly to the term "Communist" - a negative (emotional) label.

The Nationalists need to get past the identity issue and focus the effort on aggressive, radical solutions based upon tradition. Turn-the-tables - expose the Globalist agenda to undermine the globalist authority - hegemony and aggressively drive a (positive) Nationalist agenda.

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