The speaker of the Hungarian Parliament László Kövér flew to Ankara for an official visit

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Turkey EU accession is the interest of both countries said the president of the Hungarian national assembly who is in an official visit in Turkey. László Kövér said: Hungary is supporting Turkey full integration into the European Union, also the successive steps needed to be a full member of the European Union.

Negotiations should continue and should be closed as quickly as possible said Kövér who met the President of the Turkish Parliament Cemil Cicek and also held talks with Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. László Kövér scheduled to meet Turkish President Abdullah Gul on Friday.

Bilateral relations between the two countries have entered into a new intensive phase. Half a year ago, the speaker of the Turkish parliament visited Budapest and in February Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan arrived for an official visit in the Hungarian capital said Kövér to MTI.

Kövér discussed strengthening bilateral relations including the removal of the still lingering obstacles from the way of expanding intergovernmental relations between the two countries. The common goal is to create a strategic alliance between Hungary and Turkey. In February the heads of governments decided to increase the present level of approximately $ 2 billion trade volume to $ 5 billion by 2015. But the economic agreements are only one aspect of bilateral relations, we also need to ease visa regulations, and further develop cultural and civic relations between our countries said the speaker of the Hungarian parliament.

According to the president of the Hungarian parliament, what has been happening in Turkey is very exciting from the Hungarian point of view -- Turkey has been implementing an impressive modernization program. Besides the remarkable economic achievements, Turkey managed to trigger positive social changes as well. These changes, from the Hungarian point of view are particularly interesting because they enhance cultural, historical and religious traditions in Turkish society. "The modernization in Turkey does not mean that they throw everything out that reminds people of their past, but rather the other way around. While an intensive modernization process has been taking place in the country Turkish society is trying to rediscover and strengthen its roots" said Kövér.

Responding to a question the president of the Hungarian national assembly said the Syrian political situation and the issues of Israeli-Syrian relations will be on the agenda in the coming negotiations. "I'm very curious about the Turkish position on these issues, and I am convinced that without active Turkish involvement these conflicts can't be resolved satisfactorily," said Kövér adding that "This also underlines the fact that Turkey should become an EU member state."

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