Twenty year old Hungarian student won third place in high school science competition "Oscar Gala"

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Gergely Papp of Szeged captured the third place with his innovative "Rezonanciális-tölcsérű” neodymium speaker design at Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) held in Phoenix Arizona.

The new type of speakers increase sensitivity and decrease sound distortion; they have better sound quality and much higher sound pressure comparing to the current designs, and the frequency range is wider than than the ones we use today.

ISEF is the Academy Award event for high school science students. Nearly 1,600 students were invited from seventy countries around the world to this year's competition; participants have to go through several pre-screening sessions before getting invited to fair.

Besides the recognition, winners receive $ 1,000 reward for their inventions.

During the five-day event several firms inquired about the new speaker technology developed by the Hungarian student.

Gergely Papp is the student of Szeged Environmental Engineering and Vocational School. He has been experimenting with speakers since the age of 14 trying to find solution to the current speaker problems widely used by the industry.

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