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Friday, May 24, 2013

In a Dutch TV program the openly homosexual talk show host was breastfed by one of the guests. Is this another sign of the complete collapse of western civilization?



Anonymous said...

Only the East can save civilization.

This decadence is actually a good thing - it polarizes society into the normal people and the fools. Let the fools become more and more extreme as they push the "boundaries". It is a form of pschological, juvenile rebellion - ironically, the (establishment) "society" they are rebelling against actually encourages this vulgarity to lower the standards of society and humanity. The fools in their "rebellion" behavior have actually been co-opted into undermining themselves. The ironies are thick at many levels. The elites live and act like civilized aristocrats, the pawns act like in-bred fools.

The irony is the enthusiastic, willing pawns are being unwittingly manipulated by the Cultural Marxists on many levels as fools and clowns. At least the Pussy Riot and Femmen puppets are paid performers for their street Marxist theatrics. These fools and their cheerleaders perform for gratis (free) !

Social pressures will eventually either marginalize these fools into a sub-culture of visibly in-bred idiots - one of the lowest class (caste) of society OR they will wake-up and try to extinguish their past history to try to reintegrate into society. The latter will be very difficult and create many personal tensions and self-hate; an acknowledgement of being a pawn-fool - a difficult, complicated psychological and social process.

This is a good lesson for the Nationalists - dress, act and communicate like civilized people - keep raising the standards to create social distance from the Cultural Marxist fools - take the social "high ground" of society. This creates social tension for upward mobility.

zero said...

Why is this sht on this site?
How did this site have access and take pictures of the anti Hun amerikan greek queer ambassador shooting guns with the Hun army?

Anonymous said...

Why do you have degenerate dutch porn here?

Anonymous said...

Is'nt chilld snuff films legal there too.

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