Zsolt Erőss, the extraordinary life of a mountain climber in images

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Zsolt Erőss in a small village at the foot of Annapurna in 2012 (Photo: Földes András / Index)

He started mounting climbing as a young man in Erdély (Photo: Erőss Zsolt / Személyes archívum)

On his way from Nepal to Tibet as a member of the Hungarian Everest expedition team in 2001(Photo: Földes András)

Negotiating with baggage carriers in Pakistan on his way to the Nanga Parbat base camp (Photo: Földes András)

Having fun somewhere in Central Asia (Photo: Erőss Zsolt / Személyes archívum)

As a member of the Hungarian Mount Everest expedition team in 2001; from the left: Mécs László, Gárdos Sándor (fell to his death when climbing the summit ), Bradács Ágnes, Kertész Zoltán, Nedeczky Júlia, Erőss Zsolt, Borszéki Ferenc, Földes András, Keresztesi Koppány, Ugyan Anita, Markos Huba. (Photo: Földes András)

With his wife Hilda Sterczer; they climbed three 8000 meter high mountains together (Photo: Erőss Zsolt / Személyes archívum)

Three members of the Mount Everest expedition team -- Erőss Zsolt, Földes András and Mécs László taking a rest in the company of Sherpas (Photo: Földes András)

Zsolt Erőss and László Mécs near Nanga Parbat preparing to spend the night in an ice cave (Photo: Földes András)

On the summit of Manaslu (8156 m) in 2009 (Photo: Erőss Zsolt / Személyes archívum)

On the summit of Mount Everest on May 25, 2002. Zsolt Erőss was the first Hungarian citizen that climbed Mount Everest (Photo: Erőss Zsolt / Személyes archívum)

He is inspecting his brand new prosthetic leg – he badly injured in a climbing accident in 2010, his leg had to be amputated below knee (Photo: Illyés Tibor / MTI)

On his way to Annapurna (Photo: Földes András / Index)

The Annapurna base camp (Photo: Földes András / Index)

Testing his new prosthetic leg (Photo: Földes András / Index)

Zsolt Erőss and Tibor Horváth on their way to the summit. Tibor Horváth never returned from this expedition, he was buried by an avalanche (Photo: Földes András / Index)

After an unsuccessful attempt to climb Annapurna he leaves the base camp with helicopter (Photo: Földes András / Index)

Kanchenjunga 2013: He holds the Székely flag, a day before he disappeared; top-right his partner Péter Kiss (Photo: Ilka Műhely / MTI)

Sunrise on Kanchenjunga (Photo: Magyarok A Világ Nyolcezresein / MTI)

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