According to the Council of Europe, police terror in Budapest in 2006 was democracy in action

Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Council of Europe refused to admit that the police terror in Budapest in 2006 was a mass violation of human rights and did not support Jobbik MP Tamás Gaudi-Nagy's motion to bring former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany to justice for the crimes he and his ilks committed against the Hungarian people by ordering police to shoot at peaceful protesters.

Tamás Gaudi-Nagy proposed two amendments in the Council of Europe on June 23, 2013 supported by Turkish, Dutch, Polish, British and Bosnian representatives.

One of the proposals welcomed the fourth amendment of the Basic Law that holds individuals that committed crimes against humanity during the communist era responsible for their actions and calls for their prosecution.

The second amendment aimed to get the assembly to admit that between 2002 and 2010, there was a human rights crisis in Hungary and the police terror in the autumn of 2006 was and is unacceptable and the perpetrators of the mass violation of human rights including former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany haven't been brought to justice for their crimes to this very day.

The proposal urged Hungarian authorities to start proceedings against the perpetrators. Excluding the socialists, several Hungarian representatives also supported the motion; but the General Assembly rejected Gaudi's proposals, as the Swedish rapporteur opposed the motions saying that the criminalization of the opposition is unacceptable.

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Anonymous said...

Of course their grandparents also said that the Gulags,the Holodomor and other leftist crimes were also "democracy in action."

Anonymous said...

Naturally officialdom cannot acknowledge the obvious brutality and criminal violation of civil rights. Such an acknowledgement challenges the legitimacy of authoritarianism (the "State") under the guise of liberal "democracy".

These issues need to be understood at a much deeper level. The New World Order NWO elites have relentlessly destroyed and narrowed (concision) ALL alternative "frames of reference" - other than their satanic institutions (including the media + propaganda) to contextualize and re-moralize the understanding of these issues. Formerly, these issues would have been understood in broader traditional contexts - basic morality, civics, the Church, community and tradition. It is a complex psychological - social re-engineering of society requiring a pathology of the disease.

Dysgenics of a Communist Killing Field: The Croatian Bleiburg by Tom Sunic

Decommunization: The Unrealizable Project in Croatia by Tom Sunic

The "legitimacy" and authority of the "state" and its institutions and the consequent psychological paternalism (dependancy) needs to be understood in the context of the Peace of Westphalia. Simply - who gave the "state" the right to (legally) bash people's heads in ?

For what it's worth, German labour unions have used the international criminal proceedings process with some success.

zero said...

They don't get it the EU dictators are the forerunners of the Ziontist NWO that what nothing less than the destruction of the Magyars and steal whatever they can.They have to reevaluate whats to gain and lose by staying with the EU or leaving.I think they should become neutral

zerojr said...

People make a democracy not some inbred zionist butt kissers of the jews.
I'm surprised they expected those facist white trash to prosecute one of thier own or should I say owners.

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