All Hungarian developed drone inspecting the dikes

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Although it was developed for battlefield reconnaissance missions, the all Hungarian designed drone can be deployed in emergency situations, such as river flooding as well.

The small unmanned aircraft has been deployed in Esztergom-Garden City area, a few hundred meters from the Danube River by defense specialists to inspect the condition of the dikes.

Bora, the small unmanned aircraft has been developed by firms owned by the Hungarian ministry of defense and it was introduced to the public last November.

Bora can be launched from a mobile command post (MRVP), which also functions as its ground transport vehicles. During take-off and landing the unmanned aircraft in under the control of a pilot using remote control directly but, in the air control of the aircraft has been taken over by its own autopilot. Bora equipped with an on board camera that broadcasting high resolution images to the control center.

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