Autonomous regional status for Székelyland!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Székelys want to elect their own representatives and therefore, Székelyland can't be anything but a separate administrative region said representatives of the Székely National Council on Saturday at their Marosvásárhely meeting.

If the Government of Romania incorporates Székelyland in Romanian majority administrative regions the Székely National Council organizes protests both at home and abroad that might lead Romania into a confrontational spiral with unpredictable outcome.

The head of the Székely National Council Balázs Izsák stressed that the proposition adopted by the European Union states that regions are not selected, but recognized. He pointed out that the Székely National Council wants to convince Romanians that territorial autonomy "is not an evil thing,". Izsák pointed out that the Romanian government still hasn't responded to the autonomy proposal adopted at the Marosvásárhely autonomy demonstration on March 10.

Balázs Izsák thanked Hungary for supporting Székely autonomy efforts and for the solidarity it showed during the "flag war", which has drawn the attention of international public opinion to the "Romanian democracy deficit." He remarked that those that wanted to ban the Székely symbols actually helped to promote them.

Balázs Izsák welcomed the initiative to make the use of minority symbols a constitutional right; however, he pointed out that what is natural, should not be regulated.

Dávid Veres, President of Csíkszék Székely Council urged the Hungarian government to allow Székelys to elect their own representatives into the Hungarian parliament.

The Head of the Székely National Council Balázs Izsák remarked that an unprecedented collaboration emerged in the country as all major political parties supporting the Székely National Council's initiative for the protection of national regions.

At their Marosvásárhely meeting delegates reelected Balázs Izsák for another four year term. In his inaugural speech the president said the Székely National Council needed military spirit: discipline, determination, organization and camaraderie.

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