Budapest Mayor István Tarlós bows down before Jewish demands

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

As expected, Budapest Mayor István Tarlós calls for the revocation of Budapest City Council's earlier decision to name a street after one of the greatest Hungarian writers, Cécile Tormay in Budapest second district.

Budapest City Council also confirmed that Mayor István Tarlós doesn't wait for expert opinion on the issue of Cécile Tormay's antisemitism, because the Hungarian writer has already been branded an antisemite by the Jews and no expert opinion can change that.

As we reported earlier, Budapest City Council decided last week to rename several public places in Budapest after famous personages; one of the recommendations was to name a previously unnamed second district street after Hungarian writer Cécile Tormay. Jews vigorously opposed the idea because they consider Tormay an antisemite; they even rallied the head of the World Jewish Congress who wrote a letter to the prime minister condemning Tormay calling her a notorious and overtly antisemitic woman. After that there was no doubt that the Hungarian government will back down and the mayor of Budapest bows before Jewish demands and this is exactly what happened.
Cécile Tormay

Nothing new under the sun: Cécile Tormay was once again branded an antisemite. Those who stigmatizing her never bothered to check the facts. And what are those? Hungarian writer Cécile Tormay unanimously appointed by the Supreme Committee of the League of Nations to lead the Committee of Intellectual Cooperation after Marie Curie's death in 1935.

Tormay fills that position until her death in 1937. Cécile Tormay's superior intellect manifested itself besides arts, in diplomacy as well. Poet, journalist, and novelist Anatole France, called her as one of the greatest female writers of all times. Her books "The Old House" and "Bujdosó book" were big hits in the United States. In 1936, she was nominated for the Nobel Prize. In 1937 she was nominated again; everyone then, expected that she would win the Nobel Prize. If she had not died on April 2 in the same year, she would be Hungary's first Nobel Prize Winner for Literature.

But why then, is she so much hated by those controlling the world today? The answer is simple, she was the only “bard” who had the guts to spell out the ethnic background of the leaders of the Bolshevik coup in 1919, which also explains why was she the only known Hungarian writer that the Bolsheviks sentenced to death. Tormay recognized the nature of the proletar dictatorship in the early days of communist takeover and accurately predicted the future. She foresaw the consequences of the Bolshevik Coup d'état in 1919 and uncovered the main characters of the murderous frenzy that lasted 133 days.

Take a look some of the Bolshevik kingpins that during the 133 days of murderous rampage executed over 600 people with incredible cruelty.



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It's sickening...

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They have no sense of proportion or self-control.

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It's time to make a statute and place it in front of isrealhell embassy

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