Christian Democratic Party files criminal complaint against Gordon Bajnai and several NGOs

Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Christian Democratic Party files criminal complaint against Gordon Bajnai and several NGOs on suspicions of conspiring to commit electoral fraud said Christian Democratic Party politician Péter Harrach.

European Union's Justice Commissioner Vivien Reding in a secret conference outlined a plan that aims to undermine the legality of the next year's Hungarian national elections with the help of Gordon Bajnai and several other Hungarian based NGOs (foreign agents ed.) financed by American money.

Earlier, Viviane Reding denied the smear campaign against Hungary (of course, she did but if you read the globalist press you know that the smear-campaign not only exists but has already entered an active phase).

László Surján, the Vice-President of the European Parliament asked the European Commission on Wednesday to give an explanation regarding the controversy.

The Hungarian ministry of foreign affairs currently collecting information on all aspects of the controversy. According to Foreign Minister János Martonyi, if the reports are true Viviane Reding did more than just interfered with Hungarian internal affairs.

If the secret plan against Hungary turns out to be true that creates a very serious situation said János Martonyi. The plan is completely unacceptable and must have serious consequences, but again, at this moment, I still can't tell you where those words were spoken said the foreign minister.

The scenario outlined by Vivian Reding at the Bilderberg conference eerily resembles to the plan Gordon Bajnai described in one of his earlier speeches. Bajnai then said his most commonly used "slogan" in the election campaign would be that "Hungarians live in constant fear because the government is threatening them."

It is known that one of the founders of the now defunct liberal party Janos Kiss and former American State Department counselor Charles Gati advocated the overthrow of the legally elected Hungarian government by using illegal means.

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