Eight Hungarian medals in Switzerland Shinkyokushin Continental Tournament

Monday, June 10, 2013

This year the Swiss city of Lucerne hosted the Kyokushin Karate European Championships on June 1-2.

The Hungarian team won three first place: Csenge Szepesi and Gábor Rózsa (in sparring), while István Szabó (in Kata). In addition, the Hungarian team won five bronze medals of which three of them won by junior karatekas.


Women's +65 kg
1st place: Csenge Szepesi, Sopron Kamikaze

Men's 70 kg
1st place: Gábor Rózsa, Nyíregyháza, SE Fight

Men's Kata
1st place: István Szabó, Cegléd, Power SE
3rd place: Attila Tóth Abasár, Tekeres SE

Women's kata
4th palce: Henrietta Mármarosi, Siófok, Budoka


Women's 65 kg
3rd place: Alexandra Toth, Siófok, Budoka

Men's 75 kg
3rd place: Adam Köveskúti, Sopron SMAFC

Men's +75 kg
3rd place: Richárd Lizák, Siófok, Budoka

EC 2013 Luzern - Kyokushin Karate, Demo by The Swiss Shinkyokushin Karate Association

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