Foreign agents Gordon Bajnai and Attila Mesterházy meet to coordinate election strategies

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Foreign agents Gordon Bajnai and Attila Mesterházy held talks on Saturday to start implementing the satanic plan outlined by Viviane Reding at the Bilderberg conference in Herfordshire, England.

Gordon Bajnai, the head of “Együtt-PM” association said to journalist that the two parties implement the cooperation strategy step by step. The goal is to form an alliance and draw up comprehensive economic program that leads to victory opening a new era in Hungarian politics.

The chairman of the socialist party Attila Mesterházy remarked that in the election campaign the two parties will be focusing mainly on economic, social policy and external relations issues. The plan is to close negotiations in mid-July and start the joint candidates selection process soon after the agreement is signed.

The two traitors also agreed that in accord with Viviane Reding's satanic plan they put aside their personal differences on the issue of who leads the coalition in the upcoming national election.

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Anonymous said...

The fifth column has been exposed. Now it is time for Jobbik to offer an alternative economic strategy based upon tradition and the needs of local people - not the Globalists.

Interesting interview on economics including Social Credit economics. A small mention in the interview of how Germany and the Central-Eastern European countries in the inter-war (WW1 - WW2) years had successful economies based upon a sovereign National Credit (non-debt) banking system and inter-country trade based upon barter of goods - thus excluding the Globalist banking class from their economies.

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