Foreign Secretary Zsolt Németh: the Hungarian government has full confidence in Turkish democracy

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Hungarian government has full confidence in Turkish democracy and supports the Turkish government's efforts to solve the domestic political problems said Foreign Secretary Zsolt Németh who is in an official visit in Ankara.

The street demonstrations and other political events dramatically demonstrate that Turkey has a fully functioning democracy.

Cooperation between the two governments including bilateral relations are excellent and are based on mutual trust; the Hungarian government therefore, fully supports the Turkish government's efforts to restore political stability in the country, said Zsolt Németh to MTI.

Due to recent domestic developments, some European entities suggested that the European Council should not reopen accession negotiations with Turkey; the Hungarian government considers this argument as blackmail and finds it totally unacceptable considering the fact that the European Union accession negotiations with Turkey have already suffered unduly delay. There would be serious negative consequences, and it would be irresponsible as well if the European Union doesn't open the pending chapters in the accession negotiation process under the pretext of recent domestic developments said Németh.

In other developments the Turkish government assured the State Secretary that the Turkish delegation will vote against the hostile motion to monitor Hungary in the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly because it considers the proposition inappropriate and believes that it is harmful for the European Council Parliamentary Assembly to become the instrument of partisan political games.

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Anonymous said...

Idealy these protests will result in the MHP coming to power.

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