György Budaházy and members of HVIM met former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany while filling sandbags in Vác

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Hungarian patriot groups including HVIM, the Hungarian Guard, Jobbik and others working 24 hours a day on the flood dikes to help protecting the values and properties of Hungarian citizens that are facing one of the biggest floods in history threatening widespread destruction.

Near Vác, György Budaházy and members of HVIM while filling sandbags met former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany who showed up with a camera crew to imitate work by filling up a few dozen sandbags for a news footage that TV stations will air to project a fraudulent picture of the former prime minister portraying him as a responsible politician working for the well-being of the people.

Members of the youth group took the opportunity to tell Gyurcsany what they were thinking about him and his treasonous activities and confronted him with his lies while served as the prime minister of the country.

The following day, Gyurcsany made derogatory remarks on Facebook about the patriotic youth groups and György Budaházy himself that his regime imprisoned on fabricated charges.

Rather than working on the dikes, Gyurcsany and the entire globalist opposition praying for some kind of natural disaster to happen, a rapture of the levees or something like that, which would give them the opportunity to attack the government and make political gains out of the catastrophe.

(Notes: For those who have never heard of Gyurcsany here are a few facts about him. He was a former young Communist and he still has the skill to fool people. As a prime minister, Gyurcsany indebted the country to near bankruptcy, unleashed gypsy criminals on Hungarian society and suckered hundreds of thousands of naïve people into fraudulent mortgage schemes by conspiring with banksters making the unsuspecting populace financial slaves for the rest of their lives. He is a quintessential agent provocateur, a dedicated agent of the cabal who volunteered to betray his country for the sheer joy of doing it. The pathological liar ordered riot police to shoot protesters in 2006 then imprisoned hundreds of them on fabricated charges. The crimes of this scumbag are innumerable, yet he is still at large due to his powerful global backers that have been shielding him from prosecution.)

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