Hungarian karate team won bronze medal at the 11th European Karate Championships for Regions 2013 in Montenegro

Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Hungarian women team made up by the same athletes that won bronze medal at the European Championships in Budapest: Nikola Bartha, Sandra Metzger, Fruzsina Lassingleitner and Nikolett Juhász.

The cadet-junior team has also won bronze medal.

A total of 45 territories competed against each other, which included 119 female and 317 male athletes. Hungary participated in the tournament by one adult and one cadet team.

The bronze winning cadet-junior team

Gábor Hárspataki, Dániel György, Csaba Földesi, Norbert Szilva, Róbert Ludwig and Bálint Bilisics

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0jr said...

Does anyone know the name of the Hungarian fighting style of Attila and the Huns ?

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