In the Northern part of the country including Budapest the flood water subsiding, clean up started

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Residents returning to Győrújfalu

The catastrophe that the treasonous opposition (the socialist party, Egyutt 2014, and Gyurcsany) hoped for hasn't materialized due to the hard work of government agencies and the people of the land that joined forces regardless of their political differences to avert the potential catastrophe.

In the Northern part of the country clean up work has already started and the evacuated residents of Győrújfalu returned to their homes.

Currently all efforts are concentrated on the southern part of the country where the water is still surging. According to official, two more days and the flood crosses the border into Serbia. The Hungarian ministry of defense offered one thousand military men to Serbian authorities to help fighting the flood.

Watch this one minute video montage of the peaking flood water in Budapest (Sodi video)

The uncut version (25 minutes)



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