János Kóbor the frontman of the Omega rock band has been awarded with a High Russian Orthodox Church medal in Moscow

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Hungarian rocker János Kóbor the frontman of the Omega rock band received a High Russian Orthodox Church honor; other members of the band also received awards in Moscow on Friday.

The 51 year old Omega rock band gave its first concert in Russia on Thursday. For the occasion, lead singer János Kóbor received the Orthodox Church Grand Cross Order of Merit medal.

Other band members received the Mikhail Alexandrovich Romanov Grand Duke medal. This recognition was given to the director of the Hungarian Cultural Centre in Moscow as well, for helping to organize the concert.

The director of the Balassi Bálint Hungarian Cultural Centre András Baranyi said the award was a surprise to all members of the rock band; it was initiated by famous missionary Father Sergij, the head of Moscow's Holy Spirit Monastery who gave a reception to the rock band in the church facility on Friday.

Father Sergij himself was a rock musician in the seventies, and since then, he is still the fan of the Hungarian band; even today, there is a rock band operates in the monastery under his direction.

The Grand Cross is a social and religious award, which is given to individuals for protecting traditional Christian values, and for patriotic activities. At the awards ceremony Father Sergij said János Kóbor and the Omega rock band greatly contributed to the strengthening of Russian-Hungarian relations.

The head of the Orthodox monastery said the Omega rock band and rock music in general brought freedom for all of us in the seventies, and this freedom ultimately led people back to faith and religion.

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