Jobbik employees locked out of their offices

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

As a punishment for obstructing the land act vote last week the speaker of the parliament László Kövár locked Jobbik employees out of their offices. As a result, Jobbik had to set up makeshift offices in the lobby of the Representatives' Office Building.

Jobbik MP Tamás Sneider called the punishment petty and stupid. He also accused the speaker of the house with bias and blatant use of double standards because he locked Jobbik employees out of their offices, in the meantime, he allowed the LMP party to form a fraction in the parliament with insufficient representatives.

Jobbik employees can't use the washrooms and the cafeteria of the Representatives' Office Building either. They have to use the nearby restaurant's washrooms and bring their own sandwiches, or eat outside.

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Heil Kövér!

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