Jobbik held memorial march on Sunday to pay tribute to the 310th anniversary of the Rákóczi led war of independence

Monday, June 17, 2013

The march begun at Oktogon and ended at Heroes' Square. Several nationalist organizations and groups joined the march among them the New Hungarian Guard and the Hungarian National Guard as well as various traditionalist groups.

Jobbik MPs as well as the leaders of the Hungarian Guard held speeches at Heroes' Square, among them Tamas Gaudi-Nagy, Krisztina Morvai, István Szavay and Protestant pastor Loránt Hegedűs. All speakers emphasized that the war of independence is still going on as the country is still a colony; the national wealth has been looted by foreigners and the people are becoming increasingly poorer. If Prince Rákóczi were alive today, he would not tolerate the intellectual terrorism that has been currently going on in Hungary said Tamas Gaudi-Nagy.

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