Jobbik organizes a Land Conservation Roundtable

Friday, June 21, 2013

Jobbik considers the today's vote on Public Land Act invalid. The party called on President János Ádler not to sign the bill in its current form. Jobbik party demands a real public debate on the Public Land Act before it can be brought to parliament.

The current version of the Land Act has been dictated by oligarchs and mafia families, so it can't be adapted and expected to help family farmers. The proposal will unleash 500 million foreigners and speculators on the country's arable land says Jobbik MP Zoltán Magyar.

With today's protest Jobbik clearly indicated that the party is more determined than ever to protect the land from foreigners and criminals. We are going to use all means to protect the land, which is the last national resource remained in Hungarian hands. Next, Jobbik will organize a Land Conservation Roundtable on June 25. The party welcomes all Hungarian organizations and groups concerned about the preservation of the land and able to help to solve the land crisis writes Zoltán Magyar, Member of Parliament for Jobbik.

(Szent Korona Rádió –


Anonymous said...

Sokan elfelejtik, hogy hazaarulasert 5-10-15 ev mulva is loghatnak - es zsiros, kover testuket lagyan himbalja a szel...
Hazaarulas vadja es bune nem evul el, es a halalbuntetes idokozben visszaallhat ugyebar. (Szerintem idovel vissza is fog allni; egy, az emberiseg altal evezredek alatt kialakitott (es bevalt) buntetorendszer egy ideig-oraig felfuggesztheto egy mesebeli, valos alap nelkuli tarsadalmi-hit-rendszerben, de hosszutavon egy marhasag es a tortenelem tele van ilyen emberi fantazia altal szult hulyesegekkel, amik mind hosszu tavon megbuktak).

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