Kavács-Janics duo wins European Championship title in K-2 200m in Montemor-o-Velho, Portugal

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Despite winning the race Katalin Kovács was unsatisfied: We didn't have a good race. I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times we almost tipped over the past nearly 10 years with Natasa, but now, it happened after 80 meters, it was pretty scary.

Women's K–2 200m
2. Karolina Naja, Magdalena Krukowska (Poland) 39.418
3. Roxana Borha, Iuliana Taran (Romania) 39.543

Earlier, in women's K-1 200 Natasa Janics-Douchev won third place behind Polish Marta Walczykiewicz and Spanish Teresa Portela.

Women's K–1 200m
1. Marta Walczykiewicz (Poland) 42.549
2. Teresa Portela (Spain) 42.594
3. DOUCHEV-JANICS NATASA (Hungary)42.809

In women's K-1 500 Danuta Kozák won silver medal behind her former teammate Dalma Benedek who this time competed for Serbia.

Women's K–1 500m
1. Benedek Dalma (Serbia) 1:52.758
2. KOZÁK DANUTA (Hungary) 1:53.133
3. Katrin Wagner-Augustin (Germany) 1:53.698

The very talented 19 year-old Kincső Takács finish third behind Russian and Bulgarian rivals in canoe C-1 200m.

Women's C–1 200m
1. Marija Kazakova (Russia) 51.709
2. Stanilya Stamenova (Bulgaria) 51.814
3. TAKÁCS KINCSŐ (Hungary)52.469

Earlier Kincső Takács and Zsanett Lakatos won women's C-2 500m unofficial European Championship race

The 5,000-meter races Sunday afternoon Renáta Csay added the third gold medal to the collection of the Hungarian team.

Women's K–1
1. CSAY RENÁTA (Hungary)22:49.691 perc
2. Louisa Sawers (GB) +3.939
3. Eva Barrios (Spain) +17.501

The Hungarian team wrapped up the European Championships in Portugal with 3 gold, 3 silver and 5 bronze medals finishing third on the medal table.

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