Land Protection Roundtable has been organized by Jobbik, several civilian experts and farmer organizations

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Land Protection Roundtable has been organized by Jobbik, several civilian experts and farmer organizations to launch a referendum to protect the arable land of the country from foreigners said the President of Jobbik after the Tuesday's inaugural meeting.

Gábor Vona said to the press the precise question of the referendum would be decided after the next roundtable session; the objective is to modify the Hungary-EU Treaty of Accession. We want the EU to remove the agricultural land from the charter that regulates the free movement of capital.

Vona added that participants of the roundtable reject the new land act passed by the Parliament last Friday because the law is inadequate to prevent the acquisition of arable land by foreigners, and powerful landowners.

The Jobbik chairman stressed that members of the newly formed group appeal to the president of the country and the Constitutional Court to prevent the law from coming into effect. Participants of the roundtable also agreed that "a major social mobilization is needed" to make people understand how important the land act issue is for the entire country said Gábor Vona.

"It must be said out loud, Hungary's a colony. The Hungarian people must be confronted by this fact and we must change this situation. In our next meeting we decide on concrete measures including the referendum and the referendum question; the aim is to renegotiate and amend the Hungary-EU Treaty of Accession,” said Vona.

Jobbik initiated the roundtable discussion, but Jobbik is not the leader of the group said the president of Jobbik. The spokesperson of the group will be economist Andrea Hossó.

The spokeswoman remarked that she was an independent researcher and was not affiliated with any political party.

"I have accepted the invitation to take part in the roundtable discussions because I voiced my opinion on the land law repeatedly in the past. In my opinion, the land act favors large landowners. Social consultation was not preceded the passing of the legislation. The official communication says that foreigners are not allowed to buy land, but the truth is that citizens of European Union countries are not considered foreigners by the provision. And foreigners want to acquire the future gold, the land and water resources of our country -- this is their interests" said Andrea Hossó.

The economist then added that the Hungarian economy has a colonial structure, which is not a catchphrase but a term used by economists.

"The present colonial situation is the result of the bad decisions made by former governments. If the land can be bought up by foreigners, we become vulnerable and defenseless; you could say, with this final act Trianon will be completed" said Andrea Hossó.

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Anonymous said...

Bravo to Jobbik and the supporters of this initiative !

The comparison to Trianon is correct - foreigners buying-up Hungary is the end of sovereignty. Foreigners will simply buy-up the country. Look at world class cities - wealthy foreigners buy-up the real estate and ethnic local people become second-class landless peasants. 21st century colonization.

A formal (legal) or informal referendum is the proper mechanism - put the issue directly to the citizens. Naturally, the citizens will overwhelmingly vote in their own interests and defeat the treason. Venezuela, Ecuador and Bolivia used the technique of referendums to defeat the globalists - simply put the matter before the citizens - naturally the citizens were not interested in being screwed by the globalists.

This is what Western "democracies" (plutocracy) are terrified of - direct democracy.

Unknown said...

Venezuela, Ecuador and Boliva are not a good example, they have nothing to loose, their governments are stupid and their people is as poor as always.
Of course nobody wants large foreign corporations monopolizing the hungarian land, but the only way tp prevent this is leaving the EU, they will not renegotiate anything, but leaving the EU is not an option for Hungary now that the countrys economy is so weak.

ojr said...

Commercial Colonisation of Africa: The New Wild West

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