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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Under the title “Magyar Hüperión” (Hungarian Hyperion) a quarterly magazine has been launched by the “Hagyomány és Magyarság Alapítvány” (Tradition and Hungarians Foundation).

The conservative quarterly 130-page publication aims to bring together well-known and lesser-known authors who openly embrace conservative ideas.

In addition, the journal aims to increase the political culture of those sympathize with conservative views. The page's title refers to an early creation of the Greek mythology, who was the son of the sky and the Earth, which for the authors symbolize the mundane and the spiritual aspects of life that the magazine aims to explore said Róbert Horváth, stressing that the figure of Hyperion in Hungarian culture was given top priority by Béla Hamvas in his book “Magyar Hüperión”.

In the first issue of the magazine, one of the prominent authors of the publication economist László Bogár summarizes the main points of the Hungarian national strategy. Abel Stamler examines the relationship between Sándor Weöres and Béla Hamvas' ideas and Gábor Ocskó discusses the impact of negative social experiences on the population.

The magazine also publishes translations and covers cultural issues such as film, music and book reviews.

This is their Facebook page:

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Anonymous said...

What is the magazine web site ?

HungarianAmbiance said...

I don't know about their website, maybe, they still don't have. This is their Facebook page:

I also added to the article.

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