New star on the horizon of Hungarian judo sport

Friday, June 28, 2013

Sixteen year-old Szabina Gercsák won junior European Championship gold medal in Estonian last week, which is the eleventh Youth European Championships gold medal for Hungary in judo sport.

The sixteen year-old judoka was very confident throughout the tournament and defeated all of her opponents with ippon winning the continent's championships in Estonia in Tallinn in the 63 kg weight class.

Even before the European Championship started Szabina Gercsák of Miskolc was one of the favorites of the tournament and she didn't disappoint. She defeated her Georgian, Ukrainian, Polish and Dutch opponents with ippon reaching her greatest success so far in her career, earning the junior European Championship gold medal!

- Are you tired?

- Fairly. During the preparation period, I trained very hard and at the tournament, I didn't have much time to relax either.

- You were the favorite of the tournament. Did this make you nervous?

- I do not like when a gold medal is awarded before the championship is over. My preparation was good, and fortunately, I had no injuries that would have caused interruption in my training schedule. But on the tatami anything can happen, one or two second lapse of attention and you are in trouble.

- But I guess, you hadn't traveled to Estonia to return home with bronze medal!

- Of course not. I already have a bronze medal anyway, I won it in Montenegro. I was happy with it because Montenegro was my second European Championship, but it left me with some bad feelings, because I think the judges took the victory away from me in the semifinals. Anyway, after the debut of seventh-place, I finished third and now, in the first place. I might even stop here, because I like what's happening to me now!

- What is the difference between a bronze and a gold medal?

- I can not even tell you! Nobody pays attention to bronze medalists; a European Champion falls into a completely different category. I still have yet to digest the success, my mind is still spinning.

- Can you recall the fights?

- The first three were not too difficult, my opponents were much weaker. In the final, the Dutch girl gave me a hard time, she was strong and experimented with different techniques. In addition, I was not in optimal condition. I hardly slept two or three hours, because in Tallin the sun sets very late at this time of the year, a condition which is not the best for relaxation. In the finals, I had to concentrate a lot, the bottom line is I won. Perseverance and hard work bore fruit, this is why it is worth the investment.

- What's next?

- I won't have much time to rest; on Wednesday, I already start training because three weeks from now I travel to Netherlands to the European Youth Olympic Festival, where I also want to succeed. This tournament will be helpful from the point of view of testing myself and fine-tuning my techniques; the victory is worth five hundred points, and this will provide a positional advantage to get accepted.

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