Palóc Days Festival in Gyöngyöspata (Photo Report)

Sunday, June 30, 2013

This is the sixth time that Gyöngyöspata celebrates the “Patai Péter Páli Palóc Days” festival with the active participation of wine-makers and tapestry makers that are offering their products. As part of the celebration Gyöngyöspata inaugurated a new flag, a new coat of arms, a local Trianon memorial and erected a cross on public land.

(Notes: Perhaps some readers still remember that a year or two ago behind the scene forces wanted to instigate racial violence in Gyöngyöspata by pitting gypsies against Hungarians. The globalist press from France to Sweden to Canada disseminated lies about the alleged racial tension in the municipality supposedly instigated by the Hungarian Guard, Jobbik and other “fascist” elements in Hungarian society. Today, the globalist shitstream media is dead silent of the transformation that the town of Gyöngyöspata has gone through since it has elected Jobbik mayor Oszkár Juhász as the first man of the municipality. Oszkár Juhász reinvigorated the once crime ridden municipality to become a culturally vibrant town that today, brimming with life and community spirit. Even the gypsies have realized that they were deceived and now, they are fully cooperating with authorities and making efforts to become valuable members of the community. They elected new leaders that are fully supporting Oszkár Juhász's policies. Have a look at the photos, they speak more than a thousand words.)

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