Parliament passed legislation allowing authorities to block Internet content hosted on foreign servers

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

In the future, the courts may order some online content hosted on foreign servers to be blocked. This amendment of the criminal code has been adopted on Monday by the support of the Fidesz party.

The law will allow temporary or permanent blocking of Internet content hosted on foreign servers if the court finds it unlawful.

The provision is effective from July this year, but the law allows a grace period of six months. After January 1, 2014 Internet Service Providers can be forced to block online content by stiff fines.

The amendment of the criminal code was justified by the fight against pedophilia, but everybody, except the terminally clueless, knows that this is only a pretext; the real targets are news sites that operate outside the strict confines of political correctness.

In the communist era this strategy already failed. As a reaction to censorship, people inevitably create new slang terms (a highly figurative language) or communicate ideas in allegories that authorities have no control over. Not to mention the fact that metaphorical language makes discourse more colorful, therefore, more attractive. Those who have ever lived under communist rule know what I'm talking about. Whatever way I look at it, the controllers don't benefit from censorship on the long run; the most censorship can do is to sweep issues under the carpet, which ultimately come back to haunt them.

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Anonymous said...

Censorship does not work?
Tell it to the stupid Tribe of the Chosenites.
An amazing collection of critters; so smart, yet so little intelligence and zero wisdom.

Historically THEY are the biggest - by far - proponents of censorship, even to be enforced by lethal means.
Does it or did it work?
It made them to be HATED MORE; people don't take kindly to be muzzled and be prohibited from self-expression - especially with threats of, and/or actual application of violence.

Ultimate pay-back is inviteable.

Anonymous said...

What VALUE do governments in Western democracies add ?

The past century of top-down Rothschild (representative) "democracy" has been a disaster ! Real "democracy" is bottom-up - direct voting, referendums, citizen participation - something along the lines of Switzerland with their (decentralized) Canton system and annual referendums.

Everyone else is in the world of FAKE (representative) democracy - the fiction that by voting - transferring YOUR power to a politician, the politician will somehow ( ? ) represent YOU - after they represent themselves, their financial backers, the Party, the lobby groups and their bribers - extortionists.

The public mindset needs to change to simply ask the (daily) question - what VALUE do the "democratic" institutions (executive, legislature, judiciary) add that LOCAL (self governing) community institutions, working in collaboration at the regional and national levels cannot do more effectively, economically and more representative of the public will ?

The media and academic institutions operate on the basis of "concision" - limiting the discussion to the current ( failed ) institutions (corrupt) instead of broadening the discussion to consider alternatives. In addition, they operate at the paternal psychological level - the state is the "parent" and the citizen is the child to be lectured. It is an absurdity that a few Cabinet Minister(s), Judges or other "authorities" should override the will of millions of citizens. What an absurd system - everyone must conform to the "will" of a few.

0jr said...

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an ad hoc wireless mesh network

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