Picture of the day: The coat of arms of Hungary on Pope Francis' Missal Cover

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Pope Francis (76) particularly fond of the gold missal cover adorned with Hungarian symbols and motifs, which was originally donated to John Paul II by the Hungarian Catholic Church.

The Holy Father uses this masterpiece quite often; he used it during the Easter and Pentecost mass as well.

The cover depicts among others the founder of the Hungarian state, Saint Stephen.

The cover is the work of goldsmith Csaba Ozsvári († 46), it was donated to John Paul II when visiting Hungary in 1991. One side of the relief depicts the four Evangelists and the symbol of the Lamb of God (Christ). The other side details Our Lady of Hungary (Virgin Mary), and the coat of arms of Hungary and John Paul II; the four corners of the cover include four Hungarian saints: Saint István, Saint László, Saint Imre and Saint Gellért.

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Csaba Hufner said...

Master piece...beautiful!

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