Picture of the day: Győri Audi ETO's star player Anita Görbicz working on the flood dikes

Thursday, June 6, 2013

One of the star players of BL winning Győri Audi ETO handball Club Anita Görbicz after a long season rather than resting she is filling sandbags near her hometown Dunaszeg by helping to protect the municipality from the biggest flood that hit central and eastern part of Europe in a century.

"I have to be here because every hand is needed on the dikes. I am filling bags and the boys building the flood dikes" said the player.

"The worst part is that no one says anything. According to some reports, Dunaszeg is not in great danger, but according to others, the water might flood the entire municipality. I know that during the last big flood in the fifties the municipality escaped from destruction. We hear that the situation at Győrújfalu, Győrladamér, Győrzámoly and Dunaszentpál is the most critical. Our house is on a relatively higher elevation, but we do not risk anything. In the morning I'm filling sandbags at home and in the afternoon I work on the dikes," said Anita who for the time being, doesn't even think about taking a holiday.

"First, let's get through this. I can't even sleep properly during the night. It is not a question that I help out here” added Görbicz.

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