PM Viktor Orbán: The European Union is abusing its power

Friday, June 14, 2013

It wouldn't be necessary to amend the Constitution for the fifth times said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on Friday to radio magazine '180 minutes'.

The relevant passages of the Constitution - such as the possibility of transfering cases between courts - are fully in line with European values ​​and the practices of other European countries, said the prime minister. In his view, the European Union is abusing its power; it demands things from us that it doesn't require from other countries. However, since Hungary waging a multifront war for independence - among other things, on the field of equitable taxation and the reduction in overhead costs - "sometimes concessions have to be made".

The government has decided - "although grudgingly" -to accept the demands of the European Uninion even if those demands infringe on the sovereignty of our country said the prime minister.

He remarked that the constitutional amendment issue sparked a lively debate within the Fidesz party, as there are "lots of MPs that are committed to the national sovereignty of our country". Therefore, many faction members had to be convinced to support the resolution by telling them that they were right in opposing Eu's demands, but now, the country's interest requires to support the amendment of the Constitution even if those demands are unreasonable.

The government decided this week that it proposes the amendment of the Basic Law based on the projections of the European Commission.

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Anonymous said...

Icelands EU bid is over commission told

Take a cue from Iceland and exit the EU disaster while there is still something left of Hungarian sovereignty.

Iceland's EU bid is over, commission told

BRUSSELS - Iceland's bid to join the EU is over, the country's foreign minister told the European Commission on Thursday (13 June).

"This is how democracy works," said Gunnar Bragi Sveinsson, on his first overseas trip, three weeks after being appointed to the recently elected Icelandic government.

He pointed out that both parties in the new government had campaigned against EU accession.

He commented that the main purpose of the trip had been "to tell the commission that the new government has made decision to put negotiations on hold.

"We are part of Europe and want to strengthen our relationship in other ways," he added.

Speaking during a frosty press conference with reporters on Thursday (13 June), Stefan Fule, the Czech commissioner responsible for EU membership bids, admitted that Iceland's decision was a personal blow.

"It was not easy for me as a person (to take the decision)," said Fule. But he added: "I am also a professional and I respect without any questions and any doubt, the will of elected representative and citizens".

He also maintained that talks on Iceland's accession to the EU should still be completed. "We remain fully committed to continuing and completing the process."

The commissioner called on the Icelandic government to make a quick decision on whether it had any intentions to re-open negotiations.

“It is in the interest of us all that the decision is not taken in an unlimited period of time,” he said.

The outgoing social democratic government began EU accession talks in 2010, arguing that joining the bloc would offer economic security to the country, which was devastated by an economic crisis that wiped out its banking sector in 2008.

However, the April election, which was won decisively by the centre-right Independence party and the Progressive party, was viewed as a vote against EU membership. Opinion polls indicate that only 25 percent of Icelanders support EU membership.

Iceland has closed about a third of the 33 negotiation chapters in the EU's body of legislation, known as the acquis communautaire. It also applies most EU single market legislation as part of its membership of the European Free Trade Area (EFTA).

"The level of alignment with EU decisions by Iceland is actually better than a number of member states,' said Fule.

Anonymous said...

Don't kid yourself...
HU is JEW run, through and through.

Here is a little development and example:
I never ever took drugs, in fact, never even smoked a joint.
Yet HU is implementing the most draconian drug laws from July 1st in the EU - including marijuana. This is in the face of, when the studies coming out in gobs, that marijuana in fact may be a wonder-drug from glaucoma through chemotherapy side-effects management to controlling epileptic seizures in children, and a slew of other positive benefits. It's more effective than Prozac for depression (without the suicidal side effects and none of Prozac's diminished effectiveness in 2 years) and weight control, anticancer properties and who knows what else. (I have significant neuroscience and psychology education - so I know what I'm talking about).

The current crop of physicians in HU who either don't speak English or do not keep up with the research, are in the superstitious Middle ages on this, still parroting the propaganda (NON research based) put out in the 1970s, 80s, 90s. Yeah, I talked with a few, personally; the IGNORANCE is frightening.

So why the druglaws push by the Chosenites? The higher the penalty = higher risk = HIGHER PRICE. Since They are behind the drug trade in the ENTIRE Western world - including synthetic drugs it's a monetary interest.
The REAL reason of the Afghan invasion was the killing of the opium/heroin trade by the Taliban. So in TelAviv and Washington(AIPAC) it was determined that the Taliban had to go. Of course, now the opium trade is BIGGER than ever, with USA troops protection.

It goes further: Hungary is slated to be the New Israel; they WANT to be back in Europe; here in Europe are the best pickings and for parasitism; USA is DONE, a bled dry (by them) carcass. The EU is ideal for them, it gives free movement of every sort, and they can actively destroy nations, cultures, Christianity and nationhood in the process.

The draconian marijuana laws are for the destruction of Hungarian youth; to destroy lives and careers of the capable and bright. They KNOW that at least 40-50% of college age and college/university youth are occasional users of cannabis. So THEY know that they can destroy the brightest (university attendees) of Hungarian youth; breaking their lives in half, thereby further CRIPPLE Hungarian society, existence and its future survival.

Where Jews are having less power - including some states in the US - cannabis laws are being reviewed, semi-legalized (medicinal marijuana) and wholesale decriminalized. (Latest is Vermont)

You have to be an idiot fool not to see the pattern and intent of THEM - here...

WE (Hungarians) ARE under LETHAL attack. You better wake-up, there's not much time left (if any).
Once they buy up Hungary's farmland you/we are the Palestinians of 1947 - except them learning from THAT experience - we'll be exterminated, not exiled.

Géza said...

"The government has decided - "although grudgingly" -to accept the demands of the European Uninion even if those demands infringe on the sovereignty of our country said the prime minister. "

So even if those demands infringe on the sovereignty of our country!!!! These people are selling our country...

What the posters before me wrote, the only solution is out of the EU!

Anonymous said...

If HU doesn't leave the EU - soon, the Hungarians and Hungary itself is toast. As good as GONE.

By 2100 (or sooner) Hungary and Hungarians will be a footnote in the history books like the Etruscans, Huns, Avars.

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