PM Viktor Orbán visits Japan in the second half of the year

Monday, June 17, 2013

During the V4 - Japan summit, PM Viktor Orbán held bilateral talks with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe in Warsaw, Poland.

Hungary takes the presidency of the Visegrád group (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia), in the best moment because the country is on the growth path said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán at the Warsaw press conference held after the V4 - Japan Summit on Sunday.

The prime minister mentioned energy security, the North-South transport and communications infrastructure development program, security policy, strengthening economic cooperation especially among the small and medium size businesses and encouraging cooperation between various chambers of commerce membership programs that will be in the main focus of the Hungarian government during its presidency.

After the joint press conference PM Orbán held bilateral talks his Japanese counterpart Shinzō Abe; he indicated that in the second half of the year, he is going to go to Japan.

At the 24 anniversary of the reburial of martyred Prime Minister Imre Nagy, the prime minister laid a wreath at the memorial plaque in Warsaw, which is located on the square where in 1956 the Polish people gave blood and collected money and clothes to the Hungarian revolutionaries.

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