Polish National Movement, Ruch Narodowy held its founding congress last Saturday in Warsaw

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The founding congress of the Polish National Movement, 'Ruch Narodowy' was held last Saturday in Warsaw by uniting several nationalist groups under one umbrella organization.

After the November 11, 2012 March of Independence, All-Polish Youth Movement (Mlodziez Wszechpolska) and the National Radical Group (Obóz Narodowe-Radikalny, ONR) decided to form the new organization. The goal of Ruch Narodowy is to take on the political representation of Polish nationalists and break into the Polish public life. The Congress also decided to hold a vote in the fall on the issue of running candidates in the next year's EP elections.

Hungarian nationalists have been represented at the congress by a nine member delegation made up by Jobbik, Jobbik Youth Wing and the Sixty-four County Youth Movement. Among the speakers of the congress were László Toroczkai, the president of the Sixty-four County Youth Movement who gave a highly successful speech that members of the congress applauded enthusiastically. After Toroczkai's speech Jobbik president Gábor Vona's letter was read, which also received a huge applause.

Listen László Toroczkai's speech at the founding congress of Ruch Narodowy

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Géza said...

it is a good step that nationalist are joining forces, this is the only way to fight liberalism and safeour etnic heritage and cultures.

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